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Funagain Affiliate Program - Setting up Your Site

After your application is reviewed, we will send your Affiliate Code to the Administrator Email Address you supplied. As soon as you receive your Affiliate Code, your account is active and ready to earn commissions! All that remains is to set up your pages as follows.


In order to receive commissions, visitors to your web site must follow links from your web site to special URLs on the Funagain web site. The URL will need to contain your Affiliate Code, the unique code assigned to you when you registered for the Affiliates program. You must use this code when linking to the Funagain Site in order for us to identify which visitors came from your web site. Affiliate Codes are typically a short string of capital letters.

Game Links

The most effective way to link to the the Funagain site is from discussions or mentions of specific games on your site to that game's Details page on the Funagain site. For example, if your site contains a favorable review for a particular game, a link at the end of your review to that game's page on the Funagain site would be a convenient means for site visitors to acquire the game.

To provide a Game Link on your site, first look up the game on the Funagain site. Every item on the Funagain site has a 6-digit Game ID, which is displayed in the URL for that game's Detail page (look right after either the "~product_id=" or the "?product_id=" part of the URL). Then, edit the following URL:

replacing 000000 with the Game ID and replacing XXXX with your own Affiliate Code. For example, if you wish to link to the Elfenland page, look up Elfenland on the Funagain site. When you arrive at the Elfenland detail page, notice that the URL of the page is:

That means that the game ID is 015150 (the bold part in the above URL). If your Affiliate Code is TEST, you would link to the following URL:

Game IDs will always be 6 digits--be sure to include any leading zeroes.

Home Page Link

We also encourage Affiliates to provide a link to the Funagain Home Page. To do this, edit the following URL:

replacing XXXX with your own Affiliate Code. For example, if your Affiliate Code is TEST, you would link to the following URL:

Other Links

Warning: this section is a little bit more advanced. In general, you can link to just about any page you like on Funagain through your affiliate account by appending either /~affil=XXXX (if the URL already has "/~" in it somewhere), ?affil=XXXX (if the URL doesn't have "/~" or "?" in it anywhere), or &affil=XXXX (if the URL doesn't have a "/~" but does already have a "?" in it) to the URL (replace XXXX with your unique 4-letter affiliate code). However, you should probably not link to any page that requires the user be logged in, as it would be confusing for the user. In general, you should probably stick to home page links, product links, links to category pages, etc.. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a link, please contact us.

Funagain Graphics

Several Funagain logo designs in various sizes can be found on this page. Please do not resize the Funagain logo graphics. If none of these graphics suit your purposes or if you have any questions about different graphics or appropriate usage, please contact us.

Game Images

Game box images and game layout images found throughout the site may be used on Affiliates' web sites for marketing purposes.


We'd like to provide any assistance we can to make the Funagain Affiliates Program a success for you. Please feel free to contact us for help.