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Strategy Games : Mythology

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Rising Sun: Monster Pack (Preorder) Expansion

Sailing across the ocean from another land, the Dynasty Invasion brings two full new Clans, who will count on their own Seven Lucky Gods and introduce an extra Set of Season cards!

Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion (Preorder) Expansion

Sailing across the ocean from another land, the Dynasty Invasion brings two full new Clans, who will count on their own Seven Lucky Gods and introduce an extra Set of Season cards!

Rising Sun: Kami Unbound (Preorder) Expansion

Kami Unbound is a new ruleset which makes the presence of the Kami even more potent and vital in Rising Sun!

Kaleva (Preorder)

(8% savings!)
Kaleva is a strategic board game in which two players strive for victory aided by the powers of ancient Finnish heroes, gods and legends!

Cosmic Balance

(12% savings!)
Cosmic Balance is a hybrid board/card game of battling gods, angels, and demons for 2-5 players. It takes under an hour to play.

One of Us becomes an Evil God!

One of Us becomes an Evil God! is based on the Cthulhu myths, and during play the player with the most insanity points becomes an evil god who fights against the other players as they fight for humanity.

Santa`s Workshop

(20% savings!)
A worker-placement game, taking place over 9 rounds, players use their elves to collect materials in order to build gifts, and tend to the reindeer. Can you lead your team of elves to claim their well-deserved reward?

Twilight of the Gods Base Game

(20% savings!)
See once and for all who is the most powerful deity by using mortal armies, mystical beasts, and legendary heroes from across all of time to crush your foes!

Ali Baba

Open sesame! Before Ali Baba's amazed eyes, the sealed mouth of the cave magically opens. The cave is filled with treasures: golden statues, chests with coins, shiny swords, and necklaces with precious marbles.

The Labours of Hercules

Players play the role of Greek gods and try to help Hercules or prevent Hercules from conquering 12 challenges.


In Samhain, you will need to manage your clan the best you can, placing your clan members on the village locations each turn and performing the most suitable actions for your strategy.

Cthulhu: Rise of the Cults (Announced) In Cthulhu: Rise of the Cults, players impersonate cult leaders who are worshipping the Great Old Ones, while at the same time fighting other cults as unworthy of revealing and tasting the prohibited knowledge.

Pixie Queen (Preorder)

(10% savings!)
Pixie Queen is a smoothly playing worker-placement game about a pixie queen who rules over her subordinates like a true tyrant.

Fate of the Elder Gods: Beasts From Beyond

(12% savings!)
From the twisted growth on the outskirts of Arkham to the darkened angles in the very corners of withered homes lies a vast menagerie of evil waiting to be summoned!

Fate of the Elder Gods

(15% savings!)
In Fate of the Elder Gods, players take on the ever-maddening role of cults trying to summon ancient evil and herald the fall of mankind!

Rising Sun (Preorder)

Rising Sun is a game about honor, negotiation and warfare in a feudal Japan where the ancient gods (kami) have returned to rebuild the empire.

Taiwan Monsters Brawl

Taiwan Monsters Brawl is a light strategy board game for 2-4 players. Players control different monsters and challenge each other's monsters to combat.

The Oracle of Delphi

(33% savings!)
In Stefan Feld's new game The Oracle of Delphi, the player's ships travel across a large variable game board of hexagonal tiles showing islands and the surrounding waters

Rampaging Jotunn

Regular Price: $28.99
(38% savings!)
In the distant past the Vikings came upon a great, hidden and uninhabited island, its verdant lands rich in resources.


Olympus is shaking to its foundations. Faith among the mortals is waning and with it the very power of the pantheon.

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