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Family Games : Animal

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Nimbee: The Bee's Knees (Announced) Nimbee: The Bee's Knees is a small expansion for the Nimbee base game that consists of five new bonus cards to swap in to offer a new balance to in-game decisions.

Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature (Temporarily Out of Stock)

Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature is a cooperative game based on Rescue Polar Bears with a new data and temperature system added to the game design to make the strategy more diversified.

Sheep 'n' Sheep

In Sheep 'n' Sheep, players are shepherds who are herding and arranging sheep on their own pastures. However, sheep are picky in different ways: there are sheep who want to be alone and sheep who want to..

Harvest Island

In Harvest Island, players take on the role of cultivators, sowing seeds in different types of fields under varying weather conditions in order to maximize their harvests.

The Sanctuary: Endangered Species (Announced) Imagine that you received a few hundred hectares of land anywhere in the world. You carefully exchange any non-indigenous plants with native ones, recreating an environment where a variety of animals can live.

Nimbee (Announced) It’s thought that all bees work for the good of the colony. However the Queen is allowed to have one favourite; a worker who is smarter and collects more nectar than the rest. That bee is called, THE NIMBEE.

Habitats: Second Edition

In Habitats, each player builds a big wildlife park without cages or fences. The animals in your park need their natural habitats: grassland, bush, rocks or lakes.

Meeple Circus

(16% savings!)
Meeple Circus is a dexterity game in which you do what all gamers do when setting up a game: Pile up your meeples!

Upstream (Preorder)

In Upstream, each player controls a bank of salmon swimming upstream to lay their eggs where they were born.

Zoo Ball: The King of Sports

(20% savings!)
Zoo Ball is a flicking game with a giant fabric playing mat and customizable teams in which tactics are as important as skill.

Fantastic Park

(20% savings!)
It's time to gather the animals all around us in Fantastic Park, but which animals does everyone want to see? We'll find out only after the animals have all found their places!

Crows Overkill

In Crows Overkill in its newest edition, players roleplay guests in a red-light district. Many birds gather in front of each player. The players must kill or move birds to prevent them from crying.


The animals are ready to fight for the throne of the zoo! Select an animal you wish to help in Animania, then make it attack, defend it with your shield, or have it take a precious potion...

Atlas: Enchanted Lands

(10% savings!)
Atlas: Enchanted Lands is an elegant card game set in a world of fairies and magic. Play cards to reveal a certain place and time — and place your stake in one of the two.

Cat Lady

(12% savings!)
you and your fellow cat ladies will draft cards three at a time, collecting toys, food, catnip, costumes, and of course lovable cats.


(10% savings!)
Deep in the forests of the North lives an enchanting elf tribe called the Frogriders.

Shiftago (Announced) Fabled Fruit is a Fable game, a new and unique concept in game experiences, where the gameplay changes over time.

Dodelido (Announced) You have to think fast in the speedy card game Dodelido! Players place the top card from their hand face up on one of the three piles...

Bärenpark (Temporarily Out of Stock)

Up to two thousand pounds in weight and over ten feet tall, the bear is considered the biggest and heaviest terrestrial carnivore in the world.

OutLawed! (Preorder)

OutLawed! is a social game of bluffing, truth-telling, and out-thinking your opponents.

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