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Family Games : Variable Player Powers

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Mystic ScROLLS (Announced) Mystic ScROLLS is a real-time dice game in which each player is a wizard trying to cast as many spells as possible to capture the mystic knowledge of the hidden scrolls.

Import / Export: Tokyo Expansion (Announced) The Tokyo Expansion for the game Import / Export introduces ten unique cards and one port of Tokyo oversized card to replace the Supply Island and adds the ability to buy shipment contracts from the port.

Import / Export: Kickstarter Expansion (Announced) The Kickstarter Expansion for the game Import / Export introduces fifteen unique cards to the game.

Import / Export: Jutaku Expansion (Announced) The Jutaku Expansion for the game Import / Export introduces ten unique cards to the game.

Import / Export: Capital Expansion (Announced) The Capital Expansion for the game Import / Export introduces 15 capital cards that add new actions, new rules, a new good type, and special powers focused on giving short term opportunity at the expense of investment.

Merchants of Araby

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Become the wealthiest merchant prince or princess in all of Araby by establishing an entourage of merchants and allies, teaching virtues, summoning djinni, negotiating frequently, and making successful caravan investments.

Wild West Shepherds

The Wild West Shepherds is a western style shepherd game that takes you on a cunning and funny adventure. To win this game, you must understand all the characters' abilities and observe carefully.

Sub Terra (Preorder)

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Players take the role of amateur cavers attempting to escape an unexplored network of subterranean tunnels, before the lights flicker out or the darker things beneath the Earth catch up to them...


In Battlefold, each player takes on the role of a warrior, assassin, magician, or archer. The player takes the handkerchief matching their character, with each handkerchief providing different fighting powers.

878 Vikings: Invasions of England

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In 878: Vikings – Invasions of England, players control the invading Vikings or the English nobles who are trying to withstand the invasion.

Import / Export (Announced) Import / Export is a role selection game with a passive and active economy driven by player decisions.

Dice Hospital (Announced) In Dice Hospital, a worker placement game, players must treat as many patients as possible to appease the local authorities!

Fantasy Defense (Announced) Fantasy Defense is a challenging card game that can be played either solo or cooperatively. Manage your limited units to defeat the orcs besieging the seven gates of your city.

Throne of the World

In Throne of the World, each player represents one of the thirteen races struggling for the throne.


The animals are ready to fight for the throne of the zoo! Select an animal you wish to help in Animania, then make it attack, defend it with your shield, or have it take a precious potion...

Magic Maze (Announced) After being stripped of all their possessions, a mage, a warrior, an elf, and a dwarf are forced to go rob the local Magic Maze shopping mall for all the equipment necessary for their next adventure.

Flip Ships

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Flip Ships is a cooperative dexterity game in which players take on the roles of brave pilots defending their planet from an onslaught of firepower.

Flag Dash

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In Flag Dash, you play as one of several childhood friends who promised to play their favorite pastime again after they "grew up."

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