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History & Future:

Now that the majority of our online warehouse inventory is cleaned out (thank you for your business on a very successful sale), it is time to let you know about the exciting plans we have been laying the past three months for the future of Funagain Games. We left two clues for you on the front page of our website when we announced the warehouse clearance sale. Were you able to see this coming??

Many of you may know that four years ago, Funagain started to begin to use our shipping systems and expertise to help Kickstarter creators and smaller game publishers both in the United States and around the world ship out their backer rewards at a very low cost. That business grew exponentially for us as there was great demand for these services given the rapid growth in the boardgame hobby and the great number of creative smaller publishers using Kickstarter as a platform to release games. We embraced that trend early and saw it for what it was going to do to change our industry.

By 2017, we grew to the point where we controlled approximately 25% of the Kickstarter game fulfillment market, including games like Scythe, Gloomhaven, Mythic Battles: Pantheon, Keyper, Anachrony, Factory Funner, Crisis, Dinosaur Island and hundreds of others. Today we have nearly 100 publishers in our large warehouse and we continue to service their warehouse and project fulfillment needs. This includes daily fulfillment where we serve as the back-end to their own websites. We never stopped providing these services and will focus on it as our core business going forward. We are in the process of opening an East Coast warehouse to allow us to provide nation-wide zone optimization and 2-day shipping to anywhere in the Continental US. Stay tuned.

Given deterioration in the general retail environment, led by the behemoth Amazon, we learned there was no longer any money to be made in online retailing and decided three months ago to liquidate that inventory and cease general retailing of boardgames online. We have two amazing brick-and-mortar stores and those are doing well and will continue to operate as game lounges/cafes open late 7-days a week serving food, refreshments and even adult beverages.

Funagain Games will become your primary destination for hard-to-find board games from around the world. Historically, we always worked hard to do this and have hundreds of relationships with game publishers both big and small in nearly every country in the world that has game publishers. Starting with our Essen Mule Service, we strived for 22 years to import, translate (in the early days) and bring to you our customers these hard-to-find import and exclusive games. Many of you have shared feedback about how Funagain was the place where you learned about this hobby, even before BoardGameGeek. We were usually the only place these games could be found, since we imported them directly and in large quantities to the US, often by airplane.

We are going to continue to do this as it is our strength and all those relationships remain in place. The Essen mule service and imports from Taiwan and Japan will continue. We will also strive to provide access to all the great Kickstarter games in our warehouse after the initial projects are completed. Many of these games will also be exclusively sold on our website, as we have in the past. You will continue to find great deals on somewhat older games that have reached the end of their product cycle and the publisher is trying to liquidate in order to raise cash to fund their next game. This is known as “game remaindering” in the industry and we are very good at it and have always done some of it, as you know from our check-out sale offerings. We will increase our focus on this.

We want to continue to be the place where hobbyists go to get games they cannot find anywhere else. It is our roots and it is who we are. Nothing has changed. We have a deep passion for the boardgame hobby from our inception 22 years ago in 1996. Many of you may not know this, but “Funagain” came from the original idea of recycling and re-collating boardgames from used copies (stuck in family closets) into complete sets and then re-selling them for churches and schools as a fund-raising activity. Our original logo was the RECYCLE logo.

Now we are putting that basic founding philosophy to work on ourselves. We are re-creating Funagain and making it “Funagain.”

So stay tuned for exciting changes and offerings in the months ahead and we will see many of you at GenCon, Essen and BGG.Con, as usual. Anyone interested in getting more information about our services can contact me directly at and I will be happy to provide more info and answer any questions you have. Send weight and dimensions for your upcoming Kickstarter projects and I will be happy to give you a custom quote for fulfillment and post-campaign warehouse services and retail/distribution support.

We will be making announcements and further updates from time to time through our customer e-mail list and you may subscribe when you purchase a product from the sale to follow the next stage of Funagain Games. You can also let me know you would like to be added and I can do that manually for you. We will also have many exciting product offers for you to consider from our own website as well as from many of our warehouse/fulfillment customers and their upcoming Kickstarter campaigns. Many of you may have noticed this important change in our focus, if you are already on our e-mail list.

Funagain is back with even more passion, focus and energy.

Relaunch Details:

We will accept international orders again. Reward Program discounts will automatically apply to most products, but note there are exceptions for some hard-to-find items. Normal return policy will be in effect.

In the event you submit an order and we do not have an item(s) we will cancel that item(s) from your order, ship what is in stock and cancel the out of stock item(s). This can happen if multiple customers have the same item in their check-out basket at the same time.

There is no combining orders. All orders will ship as they were placed.

All types of shipping will be available again. Express shipping will be activated again soon. We can ship to PO Boxes. AK/HI orders will ship at actual cost. The “bill to” and “ship to” address can be different.

Shipping rates:

$0-$10 order total = $5 shipping

$10.01-$40 order total = $10 shipping

$40.01-$100 order total = $13 shipping

$100.01-$200 = $25 shipping

$200.01+ $30 shipping but if too large we will contact you for exact shipping quote

If paying via PayPal you have 48 hours from when you place your order to pay. If you do not submit payment by that time your order will be canceled.

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Are you Chicken?

Are You Chicken? is a game of chicken with simple rules.


(80% savings!)
AWESOME 3-D BOARD MADE FROM RENTICULAR TAPE!!! This is the game for two people only. The game goes while you and opponent alternately changing the first move and the second move.


(24% savings!)
CHEERS is a light board game featuring teamwork, logical thinking, and scheming.


(11% savings!)
TAGIRON is a logical deduction game played with number tiles and question cards. You win if you can guess all of your opponent's tiles. Put on your thinking cap!

Ars Combinatoria

(30% savings!)
Ars Combinatoria is a collection of five games designed around the themes of time and human interaction.

Say Cheese

An audition for Person of the Year for the newest issue of SAY CHEESE Magazine is coming up. A fierce competition is ahead! Only those who can make the most expressions the fastest will qualify.

Wild West Shepherds

The Wild West Shepherds is a western style shepherd game that takes you on a cunning and funny adventure. To win this game, you must understand all the characters' abilities and observe carefully.

My Booty!

My Booty! is a speed and dexterity game for 2 to 4 players. Different lookout cards call for different pirate tokens. Act quickly, but don't twist your brain!

Medical Frontier

In Medical Frontier, players play medicine-developing researchers, and their mission is to distribute their own budget on different drug development projects to make new drugs.


The animals are ready to fight for the throne of the zoo! Select an animal you wish to help in Animania, then make it attack, defend it with your shield, or have it take a precious potion...

Workshop Tonttu

(70% savings!)
In Workshop Tonttu you play as a tonttu(elf) working in a workshop making presents. You'll choose from the materials going around the workshop to make a present for children!


Riddler is an upside-down variation of charades.

Death Over The Kingdom

Filler party card game for 3 up to 16 players. You must be the player with the least tokens in order to win.

The Dwarves: The Duel

In The Dwarves: The Duel, one player takes the role of the little hero while the other uses both skill and the luck of the dice to lead the enemies of the country.


Set the sails and weigh the anchor! Several pirate ships cruise the seas in Piratissimo on the lookout for precious hidden treasure.


Every year, the animals go on a rafting tour on the wild river, and nobody wants to miss out on the fun — but will there be enough room for all?

Bouncing Bunnies

Rain drips into the burrow and the bunnies want to escape. The colour die shows which exit the bunny can use. Who can help the most bunnies to leave the burrow?

The Ladybugs' Costume Party

The ladybugs are excited in anticipation of the upcoming costume party and trade their painted dots with one another by sitting face to face.

Mein Friedberg Spiel

Mein Friedberg-Spiel is a collection of games related to Friedberg (hometown of Pegasus) to celebrate the 800th city anniversary in 2016.


Stadt-Land-anders features gameplay similar to Stadt-Land-Fluss. Finding words with all the same starting letter in a category isn't hard.

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