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Essen 2018 Releases

Funagain Games is your home for the latest releases from the Essen International Game Fair, the largest consumer show of strategy board and card games in the world. The show takes place in late October in Essen, Germany where 1,200-1,500 new titles are released by publishers from around the world each year before the holiday season. If you cannot attend, our Essen Mule Service is the fastest and best way to get the new games, many of which will never be released in the US or may take 3-12 months to actually make it into US distribution.

Right now, you can go and check out the continually growing list of Essen games. We currently have 160+ Essen releases up on the website! You can pre-order right now or vote on what games you’re interested in by clicking “Notify Me”.

Games from Essen which are on pre-orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. While we strive to fill all pre-orders, sometimes certain games are only available in limited numbers, or not at all. If you want something, pre-order it right away so we know you want it. We refer to the actual pre-orders when we make purchase decisions so you may not get your game if you do not pre-order and tell us. We will make every effort to combine orders placed by customers for multiple Essen games into one shipment. We will ship orders as soon as they come into our warehouse. We will also hold your orders until they are ready to ship upon request.

Clicking "Notify Me" will do 2 things:

1) You will be notified as soon as the pre-order goes live on our website

2) It will help us know what games we should be looking to pick up at Essen. Remember, clicking “Notify Me” is commitment free! So click away to build your list of games you are really wanting!

If there are any games that you don’t see on the list that you would like us to have for pre-order, don’t hesitate to tell us! Contact:, and let us know what we’re missing.

Because of the nature of international freight shipping, expected arrival dates are approximate only. Unexpected delays could result in their arrival being later. Funagain does everything possible to expedite the arrival of the Essen games, but some factors are beyond our control.

• Pre-order stuff you really want!

• Pre-ordering something does not guarantee that you will get a copy. Games will be available on a first come, first served basis.

• You will not be charged unless we are able to obtain your desired game.

• Your credit card will likely put a temporary hold your payment for up to 6 days after you purchase. This is not Funagain charging your card.

• Get free shipping to BGG Con at "Check Out” by entering the code: BGGCON2018 into the Promotion/Coupon Codes” window.

• Please use the BGG code if you want your games shipped to BGG Con for pick up. Otherwise you will be charged shipping to your home address.

Do you have a question not answered here? Then send us an e-mail at:, and we'll be happy to answer it!

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Sheep Dog

In Sheep Dog, the responsibility of the sheepdog is to protect these lambs and help them escape from the farm. On the other hand, he also has to catch this big bad wolf!! Who is the winner? Let's play!

Adventurer's Kit: Expedition

Adventure's Kit: Expedition is a treasure-collecting card game for 2-4 players. The game is designed for younger ones to start with, as it becomes more strategic with aggressive play for adults.


(31% savings!)
In Dragons, you get to experience life as a dragon, swooping down from the sky and swooping up all types of things.

Sonar Family

(30% savings!)
SONAR Family is a submarine battle game in which two teams operate a different submarine. Each player plays a crew member: the Captain or the Radio Operator....

Atlantis: Island of Gods

(31% savings!)
In Atlantis: Island of Gods players are the highest priests of the mythological gods, for whom they erect monuments on the mythical island of Atlantis right before its doom.

Quick! Quick! Quick!

(33% savings!)
Quick!Quick!Quick! is a race speed puzzle game, the experience is very tense and exciting, the game has a lot of different level of level, a single rule and multi person rules and cooperation rules, with different time...

Fight! Chicken

(36% savings!)
Fight! Chicken support 2-4 people to play at the same time, the main mechanism of the game is splicing and collecting, players stitching their own plate in the game, at the same time to collect more new chicken as

Four Big Strata

(33% savings!)
Four Big Strata is based on these four classes as the basis of the core, derived from the mild strategy to develop the game, players in the game to operate their own civilization, to balanced and prudent development...

Monster Empire

(25% savings!)
Monster Empire is a game about being the first to collect six types of jewels to become the King of Gandor. The players are all adventurers, who will fight against monsters to collect their treasures...


(14% savings!)
KUAN is a two-player abstract strategy game using a 5×5 grid board and two types (colors) of pieces. The players take turns placing a piece on the board. Try to trap pieces between those of a different color to capture them.

Neanderthal/Greenland Folding Map

(38% savings!)
Double-sided, one side for Neanderthal, and the other for Greenland. Contains play aids.

Expedition Zetta

(25% savings!)
In Expedition Zetta, the goal is to brave the unknown and collect discoveries in four different star systems. Though you may have to cooperate, one player will bring special fame and fortune to their home country. Will it be you?

Z for Zombie

(33% savings!)
Zombies break out in Hong Kong!!! It is an impossible mission to fight with too many zombies. To survive, you need to get the food outside and back home quickly.

Fruit Friends

(21% savings!)
In Fruit Friends, players compete for fruit over three rounds, hoping to unpeel the most points by game's end.

Cat Rescue Deluxe (+3 Expansions)

Cat Rescue is a 1 to 4 player cooperative card game. During the game, players take a turn to take a cat from the street or rescue home and slide it into the cat shelter.

Chronicles of Crime: Noir (Preorder) Noir is an expansion authored by Stephane Anqetuil, a very talented writer with credentials including Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective scenarios as well as escape room books.

Carpe Diem

(27% savings!)
The players slip into the role of rich patricians in ancient Rome. Everyone is trying to build a lucrative district to score as many prestige points as possible.

Unnamed Farm Organisms

During the game, players will re-name different Organisms. The objective is to remember the correct name for a given Organism and say it out loud.

Taiwan Formosa

Taiwan is a resource management city-building game that requires area control and precise timing.

Something is Missing

Through the game, players are invited to carefully appraise the images, and the one to first successfully recall the missing object scores.

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