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Shadowrun RPG

Shadowrun is a roleplaying game, not unlike improvisational theater. A gamemaster runs the game, while a group of players pretend they are characters set in the dystopian near-future of 2070. These character are created by the players, given a history and personality, and then further defined by a set of statistics that represent the character’s skills and attributes-as developed in the character creation process. The gamemaster then presents the setting and situation: through their characters, the players interact with the storyline and other characters, developing their own stories and high adventure during every game session.
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Shadowrun: 5th Edition: Run Faster Softcover

(30% savings!)
Every step, every advantage, every millisecond counts. The streets of the Sixth World are mean, and if they want to stay alive, shadowrunners need every advantage they can get to gain..

Shadowrun: 5th Edition: Denver Book 3: Ripping Reality

(30% savings!)
The 3rd book in the Shadow Run 5E Denver series.

Shadowrun: 5th Edition: Forbidden Arcana Magic is wild. Magic is undisciplined. You can try to impose order and understanding on it, but that’s just surface. Out of Stock

Shadowrun: 5th Edition: Cutting Aces The hotel bartender who slips you a guest's room number because he thinks it will help him get lucky. The security guard who lets a team into a top-secret facility because he.. Out of Stock

Shadowrun: 5th Edition: Denver Book 2 - False Flag Denver has long been one of the most popular settings for Shadowrun, and the pace of excitement in the intrigue-filled sprawl accelerates in this second adventure in the series. Out of Stock

Shadowrun: Anarchy Hardcover Shadowrun remains one of the most beloved gaming settings of all time with wide and enduring appeal - and Anarchy provides rules for a new style of play in this awesome world. Out of Stock

Shadowrun: 5th Edition: Court of Shadows Court of Shadows takes the award-winning rules of Shadowrun 5th Ed. to a setting that has always been part of the Sixth World but never fully detailed. Out of Stock

Shadowrun: 5th Edition: Runners Toolkit - Alphaware Designed to provide adventures, maps and tools to use in conjunction with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, or to be the perfect stepping-stone between the... Out of Stock

Shadowrun: 5th Edition: Beginners Box Set The Shadowrun Beginner Box is the easiest way to dive into the intrigue, grit and action of one of the most enduring role-playing settings of all time! Out of Stock

Shadowrun: 5th Edition: Run & Gun Guns and ammo cost nuyen. Mastering martial arts takes time. And learning how to use explosives without blowing yourself up takes patience and a steady hand. Out of Stock

Shadowrun: Core Rulebook 5th edition Shadowrun, Fifth Edition is the newest version of one of the most popular and successful role-playing worlds of all time-a fusion of man, magic and machine in a dystopian near-future. Out of Stock

Encounters: Shadowrun In Encounters: Shadowrun, a fast-paced, push-your-luck dice and card game, players take on the role of Mr. Johnson - an individual that arranges for "things to be taken care of"... Out of Stock

Shadowrun: Seattle Sprawl Box Set The core setting of the Shadowrun role-playing game deserves a detailed treatment that gives both players and gamemasters tools to make using the setting easier and more fun. Out of Stock

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