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Red Flags: Date Deck Expansion The Date Deck adds new context and stakes to your horrible night out. Now you'll have to choose which date you'd like to take on a romantic tropical cruise, or who you'd rather have as your lover during the zombie apocalypse. Out of Stock

Red Flags: Nerdy Red Flags Expansion This deck adds all kinds of nerdy goodness to your game, and has sources all across the popular and classic sci-fi, fantasy, and video-game worlds. Out of Stock

Red Flags: Sexy Red flags Expansion Sexy Red Flags adds 75 sexually explicit, but definitely desirable perks to your game. This deck isn’t for the prudish or easily offended. We apologize in advance for the awkward situations you're about to put your friends in. Out of Stock

Red Flags: Expansion One Expansion Have your terrible dates fallen into a stale routine? With this general Red Flags Expansion, you can re-live that first magical moment, and fall in love with your terrible dates all over again. Out of Stock

Red Flags: Fairy Tale Red Flags Expansion Once upon a time, you met your one, true love - but then they locked you in a dungeon and ate your grandmother! This expansion for Red Flags adds a drop of magical romance and danger to your terrible dates. Out of Stock

Red Flags: Festive Red Flags Expansion Tis the season for holiday-themed versions of regular things. Add this festive expansion to Red Flags for a holiday-themed set of perks and red flags to really get you feeling the reason for the season. Out of Stock

Superfight: Core Expansion 2 The Core Deck: Expansion Deck Two adds 100 brand new cards to Superfight with the same general superhero and pop culture themes as the Core Deck. Out of Stock

Superfight: '80s Deck Gnarly cards, brah! This deck’s got a totally righteous set of ‘80s cards to remind you how rad things were back in the day. Go ahead and mix this deck with any of your other decks or play it on its own. Out of Stock

Superfight: Fortress Mode Hold the line! Superfight Fortress Mode is a new type of expansion in which one player uses the fortress deck to build an impenetrable fortress, and argues to defends it from the rest of the players. Out of Stock

Superfight: The Purple Deck 2 Purple Deck 2 adds 100 new scenario cards to Superfight from "LITERALLY RAINING MEN" to "FIGHTERS HAVE CARTOONISHLY LARGE HEADS" and more! Out of Stock

Superfight: The Hero Machine Superfight: The Hero Machine Deck adds one hundred new cards to your Superfight game that take your available characters in a whole new direction. Each deck contains words that combine to create a character. Out of Stock

Superfight: Dungeon Mode Welcome to a brand new type of Superfight Expansion! Work as a team to argue your way through the most deadly series of traps and pitfalls you and your friends can imagine, but remember... only one hero can make it out alive! Out of Stock

Superfight: The Sword & Sorcery Deck Ancient dragons, powerful wizards, and deadly quests await you in this high-fantasy themed expansion for Superfight. Out of Stock

Superfight: The Challenge Deck 2 How long would you survive against a horde of infinite four-year-olds? Which fighter could sell the most girl scout cookies? The Challenge Deck 2 contains these and more in a set of 100 new challenge cards to test the limits of your imagination. Out of Stock

Superfight: The History Deck From Alexander Hamilton and Harriet Tubman to Vlad the Impaler, the greatest heroes and villains from human history are ready to fight in this 100-card Superfight expansion. Out of Stock

Superfight: The '90s Deck WHASSUP! A 100-card Superfight expansion full of dope '90s cards? And it comes with locations and scenarios too? Off the hook! All that and a bag of okay yeah you get it. Out of Stock

Superfight: Blue Deck 2 Blue Deck 2 adds 100 more location cards to Superfight. Use these cards to take your fights to all kinds of crazy new places, like a hot air balloon, the Batcave, or a shark-infested swimming pool. Out of Stock

Superfight: The Dystopia Deck With this 100-card Superfight Expansion you too can celebrate the new world order with cards inspired by the very best in dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction. Out of Stock

Superfight: The Naughty & Nice Deck The Holidays are a time for family and cheer, but we know that you're tired of that. So here's a holiday expansion to Superfight that mixes horribly offensive things with whimsical all-ages cards. Out of Stock

Superfight: The Mindcrack Deck

(30% savings!)
The Mindcrack Deck adds 24 characters and 76 attributes created by your favorite Mindcrack content creators for all their fans. Now you can finally know who wins: Aureylian with a glorious beard, or Guude wearing a dinosaur costume.

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