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Strategy Games : Exploration

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Alien Artifacts: Discovery (Preorder)

Alien Artifacts: Discovery is the first expansion to Alien Artifacts. The expansion moves forward the storyline of the universe - humanity by accident discovers mysterious resource hidden under the thick crest of one of the planets.

Betrayal Legacy (Announced) Betrayal Legacy marries the concept of Betrayal at House on the Hill — exploring a haunted mansion — with the permanency and multi-game storytelling exhibited by Daviau's Risk Legacy.

Explorers of the North Sea

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Explorers of the North Sea is set in the latter years of the Viking Age. As ambitious sea captains, players seek out new lands to settle and control.

Eminent Domain: Oblivion (Preorder)

Eminent Domain: Oblivion is focused on the political aspects of running a space empire, adding a new Politics role and global agendas that affect all players.

Exodus Fleet

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The Exodus Fleet features resource management, tableau building mechanisms and a highly interactive system of role selection and bidding for hiring miners, spaceship builders, and others...

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea (Announced) Heroes of Land, Air & Sea is a 4X-style board game with miniatures that tells the epic tale of orcs vs. humans, dwarves vs. elves, battling kingdoms, and the individuals who turn the tides of war.

Tribes: Early Civilization (Announced) Tribes: Early Civilization is a thematic prequel to Nations, designed by one of the Nations designers. It is a fast 3X game with a twist as each player has their own separate area to explore, expand, and exploit.

Pulsar 2849

It is the year 2849, one millennium after the Gold Rush, and the mining of raw materials has reached a whole new level.

The 7th Continent (Announced) It's the early 20th century. You have decided to sail back to the newly discovered seventh continent to attempt to lift the terrible curse that has struck you since your return from the previous expedition.

Fallout (Temporarily Out of Stock)

Survivors begin the game on the edge of an unexplored landscape, uncertain of what awaits them in this unfamiliar world. With just one objective to guide them from the very beginning...

Alien Artifacts

(20% savings!)
Alien Artifacts is a 4X-style card game in which you play as an interplanetary faction, sending your research vessels into uncharted space to expand your knowledge and power.

Massive Darkness: A Quest of Crystal & Lava Campaign Expansion

A Quest of Crystal and Lava is a new six-quest campaign for Massive Darkness. It will take players down into the heart of the Singing Mountain.

Massive Darkness: Reptisaurians Enemy Box

As the terror of the Darkness spread across the land, it inspired terror in some, and delight in other. The Reptisaurians crawled out of their coastal swamps and proceeded to induce fear and chaos everywhere they went.

Massive Darkness: Sorcerers Vs. Lord Tusk Heroes & Monster Set

Sorcerers vs. Lord Tusk adds three new heroes to your games of Massive Darkness, along with the hulking Lord Tusk roaming monster. The set also include a new class, the Sorcerer, that any hero can use.

Massive Darkness: Bloodmoon Assassins Vs. Hellephant Heroes & Monster Set

Introduces three members of the Bloodmoon Assassin class, which focuses on melee attacks and taking advantage of the Shadow Mode mechanic, and the Hellephant, a flesh-eating, humanoid pachyderm!

Massive Darkness: Warrior Priests Vs. The Spearman Cyclops Heroes & Monster Set

Warrior Priests vs. the Spearmaiden Cyclops introduces the Cyclops Spearmaiden and three new Heroes to games of Massive Darkness.

Massive Darkness: Noble Warriors Vs. The Cockatrix Heroes & Monster Set

Massive Darkness: Heroes and Monster Set: Noble Warriors vs. The Cockatrix gives players a new roaming monster to encounter in the depths, as well as three new Heroes!

Massive Darkness: Troglodytes Enemy Box

Not all humans are looking to fight against the Darkness. Some have been tempted by its promises of power and have taken up arms with it. That’s the case with the Troglodytes.

Massive Darkness: Ratlings Enemy Box

The Massive Darkness: Enemy Box: Ratlings expands the possible enemies that players will find when exploring the halls in Massive Darkness.

Massive Darkness

Massive Darkness brings the classic fantasy RPG experience to modern board gaming with no need for a game master to control the enemies!

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