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Game Accessories : Science Fiction

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Aristeia! Dice Pack

This blister pack contains a full set of special dice for Aristeia!, with 1x Red, 1x Green, 3x Orange, 3x Blue, 3x Yellow, and 3x Black dice.

Starfinder RPG: Flip-Mat: Urban Sprawl Don’t waste time sketching when you could be playing. With Starfinder Flip-Mat: Urban Sprawl, you’ll always be ready next time your players take to the streets looking for trouble! Out of Stock

Starfinder RPG: Flip-Mat: Starship Mega-thrusters are go! Taking adventure into the stars requires a sturdy vessel to get you there, and Paizo's latest Starfinder Flip-Mat provides you with two very different starships to pilot, explore, or raid! Out of Stock

Star Saga: The Eiras Contract: Nexus Counter Set

(60% savings!)
Designed to replace the Card-stock Counters from the Eiras Contract, these cool acrylic counters can be used to track events on the board, such as reinforcements, locked doors and darkness.

Star Saga: The Eiras Contract: Nexus Screen

(65% savings!)
The Nexus player must keep their secrets. From maps of the facilitates, to the abilities and stats of the bosses, to the emergent storyline of the game.

Star Saga: The Eiras Contract: Player Counter Set Designed to replace the Cardstock Counters from the Eiras Contract, these cool acrylic counters can be used to track your characters’ experience and health, as well as the ranges of the various (and dangerous) weaponry. Out of Stock

Savage Worlds: RPG: High-Space: Control Deck The High-Space Control Deck gives players the essential rules for High-Space on handy, quick-reference playing cards. Out of Stock

Starfinder Pawns: Alien Archive The invasion begins with this horde of alien creatures both friendly and fearsome! The Alien Archive Pawn Box presents beautiful full-color images of alien creatures usable as both foes and player characters. Out of Stock

Starfinder RPG: Condition Cards Never miss a modifier! With Starfinder Condition Cards, GMs and players have all the rules for the game's most common conditions at their fingertips. Out of Stock

Starfinder RPG: Flip-Mat: Basic Starfield Fill the peaceful void of space with missiles and laser strikes with Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Starfield! Out of Stock

Starfinder RPG: Flip-Mat: Basic Terrain

(67% savings!)
An alien landscape, an abandoned space station, the twisting corridors of your own starship—the possibilities for adventure are endless with Starfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Terrain!

Starfinder RPG: Player Character Folio Fully detail your heroes and chronicle their exploits with the Starfinder Player Character Folio! Out of Stock

Starfinder RPG: GM Screen Protect your important notes and die rolls from prying player eyes with the Starfinder GM Screen! Out of Stock

Starfinder RPG: Combat Pad

Regular Price: $19.99
(64% savings!)
Never miss a turn with the Starfinder Combat Pad initiative tracker. This two-sided combat tracker features one side for standard combat and the other to help track starship battles.

Star Wars: Armada: Maneuver Tool The massive capital starships of Star Wars™: Armada feature designs that balance their scale and complexity with ease of use, and the Armada maneuver tool is at the heart of this design. The Star... Out of Stock

Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Dice Pack The Imperial Assault Dice Pack contains eleven combat dice to use for both attack and defense. Out of Stock

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