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Philippe Keyaerts (Designer)

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Small World: River World Expansion In Small World: River World, players discover new maps full of water regions haunted by merciless pirates. Players need to defend their precious harbors against them, fight them on the river, and still.. Out of Stock

Small World: Royal Bonus expansion The Royal Bonus expansion for Small World introduces three new Race banners and tokens (Fauns, Igors, Shrubmen) and three new Special Power badges (Fireball, Aquatic, Behemoth). Out of Stock

Small World Realms terrain expansion Small World Realms includes scores of puzzle-like geomorphic Terrain regions that are assembled into variously sized and shaped board maps. Out of Stock

Small World Underground Small World Underground is a stand-alone game set beneath the surface of the same fun, light-hearted Small World universe of epic conquests and fallen empires. Out of Stock

Small World: Be Not Afraid... a mini-expansion for Small World There are many frightening inhabitants of Small World, but to survive you must Be Not Afraid...! Out of Stock

Small World: Tales & Legends Expansion for Small World Small World - Tales & Legends was created by Laurent Verrier, Special Prize Winner of the Small World Design Contest. Philippe Keyaerts, the original game's author, provided additional development assistance... Out of Stock

Small World: Cursed! a mini-expansion for Small World Cursed! introduces the Goblin and Kobolds races along with 5 special powers: Cursed, Hordes of, Marauding, Ransacking, and Were-. Out of Stock

Grand Dames of Small World a mini-expansion for Small World The Grand Dames of Small World features the Priestesses, White Ladies, and Gypsies, along with Historian and Peace-Loving special powers. Out of Stock

Small World remake of Vinci Small world is a civilization game where players vie for conquest and control of a world that is simply too small to accommodate them all! Out of Stock

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