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HABA (Manufacturer)

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Dominoes in Action (Preorder)

Alarm! Alarm! Blue lights are speeding around everywhere! Which vehicle and personnel belong to the police, to the emergency medical services, or to the fire department?

Act Fast! – Roll, Look, Snatch (Preorder)

Here the player must act fast if the pictures on the tiles match the symbols that have just been rolled.

Dragon Battle (Preorder)

Drachenburg Castle is besieged by dragons who keep snatching its residents and are unwilling to release them.

Frido's Treasure Trove (Preorder)

Frido the Raccoon returns from a successful treasure hunt, but he has hidden his treasures so well that he is now unable to locate them.

Wildly Hidden (Preorder)

On the farm, the animals are playing hide-and-seek and are trying to find the best hiding place.

Mix-Max Rally (Preorder)

The players mix the appropriate mix-max animal for the rally and try to be the fastest player to traverse the obstacle course.

Mimic Memo – Educational Games for Oral Motor Skills (Preorder)

The better the players can imitate the grimaces and recognize and rediscover them on the cards, the more banana cards they’ll win.

Counting Peas (Preorder)

A big jumble of peas, which has to be straightened out by the players. By sorting, calculating, and exchanging, the players try to put the pea cards...

Fairly Fast - A Colorful Train Collecting Game (Preorder)

All aboard please! You have to collect the most train cars and attach them to your own locomotive. But this is not as easy as it sounds...

The Curse of the Pirate Gold (Preorder)

Bold adventurers have found a bag full of gold on a mysterious island. Unfortunately among the gold pieces are also cursed coins that summon the feared pirate Captain Black.

Countries of the World (Preorder)

On this exciting world tour, players have to identify different countries by their flag, their capital city or their geographical location.

Luxantis (Preorder)

Shadow creatures are setting off to capture Luxantis Castle. They can only be stopped with the help of enchanted objects from the magic light forest labyrinth.

Mountains (Preorder)

The hiking season has begun, so it’s off to the next summit! But which hikes will the players dare to undertake?

Honga (Preorder)

Excitement in the Stone Age! The saber-toothed tiger clan is looking for a new leader, but which one of you can take care of the clan in Honga and thereby prove to be a worthy leader?

Millie Delivers the Mail "Lieselotte Teilt Aus"

(50% savings!)
Lieselotte the cow's dream has come true. Finally she is allowed to help the mailman deliver the mail – Who can help Lieselotte deliver the parcel to the right chicken without anything falling off?


(50% savings!)
Blitzschnell! is a jigsaw game for children, with an important speed element.

Loco Lingo Fastgrasp

(50% savings!)
This is a game packed full with ideas and suggestions, stories, riddles, and poems all about the pieces included. It is a fun way to aid development of language skills, imagination, concentration, and reactions.

My Very First Games: Tidy up!

Little Tomcat Tiptop has been playing all day. Now it is time to tidy up. Who can help Tiptop put the toy tiles in the right places so his room is nice and tidy?

Karuba Junior

Karuba Junior is a cooperative tile-placement adventure game in which players search for treasures in the jungle on the island of Karuba with three brave adventurers.

Dragon's Breath

The dragon children have found a treasure: a column of ice with sparkling stones frozen inside it. Together with dragon dad the players remove one ice-ring after the other, and melt the ice column. Who will have the most sparkling stones at the end?

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