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FoxMind Games (Manufacturer)

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Match Madness

(28% savings!)
Be the fastest to recreate with your blocks the pattern shown on a card to win the card. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

Sports Dice: Baseball Sports Dice: Baseball features all the baseball action of a real game, including triple plays, grand slams, steals and more. Out of Stock

Slide Blast In Slide Blast, players ride water slides to be the best slider in the world. Extend your slide to make successive movements for more points, and score bonus points when you help another slider. Out of Stock

Get Rich Quick Risk it all by investing in penny stocks, launch the talk of Silicon Valley start-up, or go to work to secure your next paycheck — these are some of the choices you have to make in Get Rich Quick to.. Out of Stock

Puppy Love The run is busy with excited dogs running around freely while others are pulling their masters in different directions. But there is a logic behind the frenzy. Out of Stock

Mighty Mice Mighty Mice can be accommodate 2-5 players as a competitive game and 2-8 players as a co-operative game. Out of Stock

Little Firefighters A fire has started and players must hurry to save the house before it's engulfed by the flames. In this co-operative game, you'll work together to help... Out of Stock

Dig It! A Creative Child Magazine "Seal of Excellence" Award-Winning Game! In Dig It!, you're a dog in the park and your goal is to dig for bones. Out of Stock

Don't Rock the Croc Don't Make the Crocodile Angry! In Don't Rock the Croc, players place colorful wooden pieces on the croc's belly to make sure it's always balanced. Out of Stock

Pick a Brick In Pick a Brick, players take turns selecting bricks and removing them from the wall. But, be careful to pick your brick wisely, or the wall will collapse and the... Out of Stock

Ignis Fire and water! These two elements fight for supremacy in Ignis, and round by round players shove a piece into the playing area, trying to push off an opposing piece. Out of Stock

Maze Racers In Maze Racers, you use the enclosed magnetic walls and a good dose of creativity to build the most wicked maze possible that will leave your opponent scrambling to find his way out. Out of Stock

Time in a Box FoxMind Give the Gift of Time! Inside this box you'll find 96 activity cards that allow a child to momentarily shift your priorities and focus on doing a special activity together. Out of Stock

Map It! World Edition FoxMind Map It! World Edition Out of Stock

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