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Category: Toys
Minimum age: 8-9
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LEGO: Chima: Web Dash

It’s a high-speed Web Dash to claim the spider’s CHI!

LEGO: Chima: Bat Strike

Power up and leap high to hit the CHI pins with Bat Strike!

LEGO: Chima: Banana Bash

Pop the CHI from the tree with Banana Bash!

LEGO: Chima: Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger

Avoid the poison balls launched by Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger!

LEGO: Chima: Rogon’s Rock Flinger

Go in pursuit of the Rhino tribe’s stolen CHI with Rogon’s Rock Flinger!

LEGO: Chima: Sparratus’ Spider Stalker

Battle Sparratus’ Spider Stalker with Gorzan and escape with the CHI!

LEGO: Chima: Lavertus’ Twin Blade

Flee from Scutter with the CHI in Lavertus’ Twin Blade!

LEGO: Chima: Braptor’s Wing Striker

Protect the Eagle tribe CHI from air raids by Braptor’s Wing Striker!

LEGO: Chima: Wolf Legend Beast

Speed across the kingdom of Chima to unleash the magical Wolf Legend Beast!

LEGO: Chima: Gorilla Legend Beast

Escape on the back of the ferocious Gorilla Legend Beast!

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