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Bear (Backordered) AKA: Bears' Blues
List: $6.50 $5.99 (8% savings!) Roll the die to determine which bear you must stack on the next. If you knock over a stack, you take a bear. When someone gets their second bear, whoever has the fewest bears wins!

Car Race (Backordered) AKA: Grand Prix of Tin-town
List: $6.50 $5.99 (8% savings!) Roll the die to advance your car. If you roll a turbo, take a marker from the center to double one of your future rolls. Make two circuits of the track first to win the game!

Pirates (Backordered) AKA: Gambling Pirates
List: $6.50 $5.99 (8% savings!) Roll the 3 special pirate dice 3 times, setting aside dice as desired in between rolls. When finished, see if you have enough of one color to take one or both of the ships of that color from the center or another player. When all ships are gone from...

Cat (Backordered) AKA: Don't Get Catty Please
List: $6.50 $5.99 (8% savings!) Roll a die to see exactly how many cats must land face up on the cat disks. If you match, you get a cat. Get three cats to win. But watch out for the mean dog, he can chase away a cat!

Dwarfs (Backordered) AKA: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
List: $6.50 $5.99 (8% savings!) Roll the die to take dwarfs from the center or from your opponent! Oh, no -- you rolled the witch. Now choose a color that both players return to the center. When all dwarfs have been taken from the center, the player with the most wins!

Alien Race in Outer Space (Backordered)
List: $12.00 $9.95 (17% savings!) It's an extraterrestrial game of chance! Who will encounter all the aliens in their space sector first? That is one of the great mysteries of our expanding universe! Maybe it will be you!

Tri-Words (Backordered)
List: $14.99 $13.50 (10% savings!) Can you think fast under pressure? With Tri-Words, students will have fun scrambling to sort out their 3-sided letter tiles into color-coded words. This fast-paced game packs a world of colorful, word-powered fun inside its compact tin case. And...

Schafe Schnappen (Currently Unavailable)
$9.95 The sheep are peacefully grazing in the pasture, enjoying life. If only the annoying wolves weren't trying to coax them away from the herd. Who will risk just the right amount to have the most sheep in his shed at the end?

Flinke Flosse (Currently Unavailable)
$9.95 Everyone simultaneously counts the number of fish on the six dice. Who will first slap the card with the corresponding number? Now it gets exciting, because you can only catch goldfish with a net that has no holes! Who will get the most fish in...

Oraklos (Currently Unavailable)
$10.50 Alexander, the Great King, will visit the Oracle! Apollo, God of Clairvoyance, help us! Why this is bad? Well, as high priest of the oracle, it is your craft to tell the future. No issues there. But it will be hard to tell only that part of the...

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