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Category: Metal Puzzles
Category: Puzzles
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Hanayama Metal Cast Puzzle: Claw (Temporarily Out of Stock)
List: $11.00 $9.99 (9% savings!)

How this crab caught a ring on its claw is beyond explanation; but inventor Akio Yamamoto did design a solution to make it let go. Discover the escape valves to sneak the ring out of the clutches of this sea creature and solve this challenging puzzle!

Hanayama Metal Cast Puzzle: Coaster (Backordered)
List: $11.00 $9.99 (9% savings!) Created by Serhiy Crabarchuk, a famous Ukrainian puzzle designer who lives in Uzhgorod, the original drawing of this puzzle looked like a strange adornment weaved into a "coiffure" design. However, lay it on a table and you have a coaster for your...

Hanayama Metal Cast Puzzle: Elk (Backordered)
List: $12.00 $10.80 (10% savings!) The antlers are the key to unlocking the mystery of this 19th century British conundrum. It was discovered in Britain by Nob Yoshigahara, who brought it across the Atlantic so that we could present it to you as a real puzzler's challenge.

Hanayama Metal Cast Puzzle: Seahorse (Temporarily Out of Stock)
List: $11.00 $9.99 (9% savings!)

The Seahorse is one of the most unusual of ocean finds. Now, thanks to inventory Akio Yamamoto, two of these captivating creatures have gotten themselves tangled together! It is up to you to separate them so that they can freely float off into the sea!

Hanayama Metal Cast Puzzle: Starfish (Backordered)
List: $11.00 $9.99 (9% savings!) The five brightly-polished points of this starfish look like unlikely escape routes for the attached ring. Akio Yamamoto of Japan designed this marine mystery. And with patience and persistence, the secrets of removing the ring may be discovered.

Hanayama Metal Cast Puzzle: Trout (Temporarily Out of Stock)
List: $11.00 $9.99 (9% savings!)

This puzzle is every angler's dream, with trout jumping over one another as they leap out of a river or stream. It is the patient fisherman who solves this challenge, twisting the trout to separate them from one another...

Hanayama Metal Cast Puzzle: Vortex (Restocking)
List: $11.00 $9.99 (9% savings!)

The three pieces of this challenging puzzle each have a spiral body. When assembled, the pieces form a unified flat object. In order to undo this complex entanglement, it will be necessary to unbind them three-dimensionally...

Metal Earth: Space Needle 3D laser cut model

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