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Category: Memory
Category: Kids Games
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Sandwürmchen (Backordered) AKA: Little Sand Worms
$38.95 Place the worms in the depressions in the bottom of the box and cover them with sand. Spin the box several times. Now players take turns trying to find the worm that matches the one on top of their worm tile stack -- and the box is rotated after each...

Sherlock Deluxe (Restocking) English language edition of Der Plumpsack Geht Um
List: $15.00 $11.99 (20% savings!)

Winner of over 6 awards, including the Parent's Choice Gold award, The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval, Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice Award and more, the Sherlock card game now has a new look in the Sherlock Deluxe edition!

Tatü-Tata! Das Feuerwehrspiel Dingalingaling! The Fire Brigade Game Raise the alarm, the fire brigade is out on call! The players have to complete four different operations. Skill, a good memory and luck are needed to get badges! A game plenty of action for 2-4 players. Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title, usually because it's out of print.

Tatü-Tata! Das Krankenwagenspiel Dingalingaling! The Ambulance Game Raise the alarm! The paramedics have to find their way to the right house and deliver the patient as quickly as possible to the hospital. In order to succeed you need luck and good memory skills! A speedy ambulance ride for 2-4 players. Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title, usually because it's out of print.

Tatü-Tata! Das Polizeispiel (Backordered) Dingalingaling! The Police Game
List: $30.00 $26.99 (10% savings!) Where are the burglars hiding? Which escape route will they take? Only policemen with a good overview will be able to win this tricky chase for 2-4 players. Includes variation for older players.

Tell-A-Story (Backordered)
List: $21.00 $16.99 (19% savings!) In this game there are many stories waiting to be discovered and told. Here's how: Each player tries to be first to collect all five story cards about a single character. Then players arrange the cards to tell a story of their choice. Maybe the...

Zocker (Currently Unavailable)
$22.95 Part shell game, part babuschka doll. Players try to outmaneuver each other in this slick variation of the classic sidewalk swindle.

Moo & Baa English edition of Muh & Mäh

Oh dear! Farmer Berts' animals have all disappeared! But where have they gone? The children help Bert to search for the animals and bring them back to the farm: for the color game version they need some luck, for the tactile memory game a good memory...

Little Thunder Witch AKA: Kleine Gewitterhexe

Finally it's the night of the witches! Little Thunder Witch may fly today for the very first time to the Witches' Mountain. She is so excited that her lightning keeps confusing the other witches. Who will keep an overview and land first on the Witches'...

Monkey Memory English language edition of Wo ist die Kokosnuss
List: $10.00 $7.99 (20% savings!)

A gang of monkeys have broken out of the zoo and stolen a whole pile of items from the zoo's visitors! After all of the items are recovered, one is still missing. Keep your eyes sharp, because a different item will be lost each round.

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