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Category: Memory
Category: Card Games
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Hop to It! (Backordered) English language edition of Hoppla Hopp
List: $10.00 $7.99 (20% savings!) Time to get your memory moving with Hop to It! Take a deep breath, get a good look at the row of objects, and then you're off! With only 30 seconds to remember all of the objects, you'll need to be quicker than a bunny as you hop from one item to...

Moby Pick (Backordered)
List: $10.00 $8.00 (20% savings!) The three companions of our story meet each morning by the sea to tell tales about their dreams. There's Molly the kid, who lives on her beautiful island, there's Polly, her talkative parrot, and Moby Pick the talking whale. In their dreams the three...

American Authors (Backordered) an Authors card game
$5.95 A classic collection perfectly suited as learning tools -- easy to play and lots of fun too! Each deck includes color portraits of 13 honored individuals and highlights their achievements. Includes instructions. Suitable for most card games.

Rat-a-Tat Cat (Backordered) Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition
List: $12.99 $10.95 (16% savings!) Get rid of the rats and go for the cats! Players of all ages will delight over this card game of strategy, memory and a little luck. Win by having your cards add up to the lowest number (a poker face helps). Sneak a peek, draw two or swap for an added...

Ahoy (Backordered)
$23.20 In a race on the ocean you receive help from dolphins, sharks, turtles and orcas. You move from sea animal to sea animal to finish the course the quickest. Time and again, different sea animals break the water surface. Remember where they each swim!

DoubleTake (Backordered)
List: $9.99 $8.95 (10% savings!) Double the Fun with this Exciting, Unpredictable Gin-like Game! Your opponent uses a Take card to take your cards. You use a Take card to take them back and "Protect Them". Your opponent uses a DoubleTake card... "Takes" them back again and...

K-9 Capers (Backordered)
$5.95 Nine pooches are dressed to the nines in this card game where the dogs steal the show! Roll the die and use your memory to find dogs hiding in the game board. The only catch is that you must collect them in numerical order! The first player to...

Dschungel (Backordered)

Agricola: Quartett (Currently Unavailable) AKA: Authors
$4.00 This is an Agricola-themed deck for the kids game Authors, a game in the Go Fish family.

Waz Baraz (Currently Unavailable)
$16.75 During the thousandth Moon night, the Dancing witches gather for an ancient magical ritual. Move around the Magic Circle and discover the Dancing Leaders. A deductive game for 3 - 6 players.

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