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Category: Abstract Strategy
Category: Editor's Pick Classic Games
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Alexandra Kosteniuk's Chess (Backordered) Staunton w/ 2.5-inch king
List: $24.95 $10.00 (60% savings!) Now the highest rated woman on the US Chess Federation rating list, Russian born Alexandra Kosteniuk has shot up the ranks of the world's star players since becoming a grandmaster at the age on only 14. Inside this box, someone starting chess will find...

Go Set (Restocking) 12-inch folding board
List: $38.00 $34.99 (8% savings!)

Backgammon Set 15 inch, black w/ grey stripe
List: $57.00 $51.50 (10% savings!)

Dominoes: Double 6 Family Classics series

Dominoes: Double 12 Jumbo Color Dot Family Classics series Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title, usually because it's out of print.

Checkers (Restocking) Family Classics series

Complete Checkers set

The Captain's Mistress Game (Restocking) AKA: Connect Four
List: $63.00 $56.99 (10% savings!)

There is a persistent legend that on this three major voyages, Captain Cook used this game nightly to relax with his fellow shipmates... naturalist Sir Joseph Banks and botanist Daniel Solander. Cook spent so much time playing the game, it came to...

List: $35.00 $31.50 (10% savings!)

The Senet game is played on boards similar to those found in the tombs of Egyptian Kings such as Rameses III and Tutankhamen (King Tut). the Egyptians referred to the game in hieroglyphics as one of "passages" with the movement of the pieces...

Ur (Restocking) hardwood
List: $43.00 $38.99 (9% savings!)

Mancala (Backordered) folding, wood board
List: $10.00 $8.99 (10% savings!) Enjoy the classic game of Mancala with a convenient folding board.

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