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Category: Abstract Strategy
Category: Puzzles
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Tangram Book and Puzzle Combo (Backordered)

In this book fun and creativity are the main themes. The tangram puzzles are categorized into 4 difficulty levels. Includes wooden tangram puzzle.

Tangram (Backordered) wooden

Difficulty Level: Level 2 of 5. With the 7 magic pieces, try to form a square and more than 100 other shapes.

Soma Cube 3-D (Backordered)

Difficulty Level: 3. Composed of 7 pieces, you need to assemble them to a cube. Other than the cube shape, there are hundreds of shapes to build out of the 7 pieces. Use your imagination.

Zoo Puzzle (Backordered)

Difficulty Level: Level 2 of 5. The wooden animals must be perfectly positioned to fit back into the puzzle case.

Triangle Bands Game (Backordered)

Difficulty Level: Level 1 of 5. The game includes a peg board and lots of rubber bands. Two players take turns to place their rubber band on board, the one who forms a triangle first with his rubber bands wins.

Pento Chess Puzzle (Backordered)

Difficulty Level: Level 3 of 5. The puzzle is made out of 13 pieces. Try to fit them into the square box and make various other shapes out of the puzzle pieces.

The Bermuda Triangle (Backordered) Wooden Puzzle

Difficulty Level: Level 3 of 5. The game includes a triangle wooden board and 16 wooden triangles dotted in 3 different colors out of 7. Arrange all the triangles inside the board in a way that the same color will match. After matching the colors...

Master Logic (Backordered)

(75% savings!)
Difficulty Level: Level 2 of 5. One of the players (the "Master") conceals the pegs and the other tries to find out the combination of the colored pegs (the "Logic"). The "Master" will give hints that helps the "Logic" to find out...

Barricade (Backordered) Malefiz

Difficulty Level: Level 3 of 5. You need to get to the end before your opponent without being barricaded? Everyone puts their color beads at the beginning of the board. Players can move their beads forwards, backwards and over an...

6 Brain Teasers in a Wooden Box (Backordered)

Six assorted wooden brain teasers, all made to fit inside a wooden carrying box.

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