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Category: Trick-Taking
Category: Strategy Games
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PLAGUE: The Card Game (Backordered)

Venture forth and do battle with your foes while trying not to contract the plague at the same time in this fast-paced trick taking card game...

Escalation! (Backordered) The Suburban Wars

(20% savings!)
It's the classic suburban conflict of unreturned tools, loud neighbors, and prize-winning garden gnomes from Reiner Knizia. This simple gateway card game has players starting with low-value cards then escalating the values until someone goes too far...

Turn the Tide (Backordered)

(13% savings!)
Shape up or sheep out! A huge storm is threatening Shepherd's Island and it's up to you to stem the tide. In this captivating card game, try to outwit your opponents by playing number cards wisely to stay afloat. Hang on to your life preservers to...

Victory and Honor (Backordered)

(19% savings!)
Over 100 years ago, the noble experiment that was the United States exploded into Civil War. The fight was about control of the government, it was about slavery, and the war would shape the hopes and dreams of generations. Years later, the proud...

Cosmic Eidex (Currently Unavailable)

Cosmic Eidex is a twisting trick-taking game for three. Players compete to get the most or fewest hand points to get victory points. Sometimes card rank is reversed, sometimes there isn't any trump, sometimes other special powers are used. At the end...

Die sieben Siegel (Currently Unavailable)

The future is a book with seven seals -- nobody knows what will happen. But a little planning can't exactly hurt in this game, since you not only have to predict the number of tricks you'll take, but also their color. Or instead, if you have...

Tichu (Currently Unavailable) German edition -- 1-deck set


Korsar (Currently Unavailable)

Go back in time when the seas were teeming with corsairs and pirates. Trading vessels didn't have an easy time bringing their goods to port. Send your trading vessels on long journeys and capture your opponents' ships.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Currently Unavailable)

(8% savings!)
The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, well known worldwide and screened multiple times, is the struggle between the good and evil selves of one person. Played in teams of two, the goal is to take Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde to victory over the other...

Bettler und Diebe (Currently Unavailable) Three crafty card games full of tricks -- Beggars and Thieves, Cutthroat and "Snear". Thief cards are worth more than the lowly beggar cards. You need them for winning and collect them for points. But don't get caught with a good hand during a...

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