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Category: Logic & Deduction
Category: Family Games
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Take It Easy! (Backordered) 2008 edition

(20% savings!)
Score the most points for continuous rows of color! It gets tricky as you cover up more spaces on your board. Everyone has the same chance, but only one player will place their tiles best and win! Four game variations are included in this family favorite.

Electronic Battleship: Advanced Mission (Backordered)

The electronic naval combat game in a cool laptop design. Sink all your enemy's ships! Features special weapons, radar, search planes, battle sounds and voice commands!

Clue: The Card Game (Backordered) Mystery Beyond the Mansion

(9% savings!)
The same great cast of Clue characters is up to no good and Mr. Boddy is once again, the victim of foul play. But, in this "Mystery Beyond the Mansion" detectives must deduce who committed the crime (suspect), how they escaped (vehicle) and what...

Clue Suspects (Backordered)

(6% savings!)
Your challenge is to figure out "whodunnit". Find the suspect who was at the scene and you've found the murderer! You'll keep track of clues and test your deductions without pencil and paper.

Clue DVD Game (Backordered)

Turn your TV into a Tudor mansion with this DVD version of the classic game of whodunnit! Requires TV and DVD player (not included).

Sudoku 5x5 (Backordered)

(10% savings!)
Sudoku was first published in 1979, caught on in Japan in the late 80s, and recently gained a huge international following. In this 5 x 5 version of the new cult classic, play begins with several given numbers. Players must fill in the rest of the grid...

Scotland Yard (Backordered) International edition

(20% savings!)
Scotland Yard is searching for Mister X. Will his pursuers catch him in the London fog? How will Mister X try to escape? Will the detectives find him in time? If they work together, they have a chance. Mister X will try to escape by bus,...

Ghost Chase in Canterville Castle (Backordered) English language edition

(25% savings!)
One player is the ghost and the others the ghost chasers. The chasers try to capture the ghost and the ghost tries to elude capture in this exciting game. The chasers can cooperate, but only one can win by capturing the ghost. If the ghost eludes...

Advanced Mastermind (Backordered) with 5 peg slots

(10% savings!)
The extra challenging edition! With over 59,000 patterns possible, will you be able to figure out the color code in 12 moves or fewer?

20 Questions for Kids (Backordered)

(15% savings!)
20 Questions is the exciting game where players try to guess the identity of a popular person, place, thing or year. 20 Questions for Kids has been designed especially for ages 7 to 12. During each round, one player acts as the clue giver while the...

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