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Category: Logic & Deduction
Category: Strategy Games
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Looney Bin: The North Wing (Backordered) Expansion Set

(20% savings!)
Continue the insanity by expanding The Looney Bin game for further fun. Includes 27 new patients, 36 new staff and action cards, and one more therapy for double the amount of possible cures -- allows for up to 10 players.

The Name of the Rose (Backordered) English language edition of Der Name der Rose

(20% savings!)
The players take the roles of Monks, each with a secret identity. Each tries to discover the identity of each other player while hiding their own. An exciting and interesting game of secrets and deduction. Based on the book by Umberto Eco.

Tombouctou (Backordered) international edition of Timbuktu

(20% savings!)
All caravans want to go to Timbuktu to convert salt, coffee, gold, pepper, and especially water to riches and fame! Of course, the way through the desert is perilous and only the best will make it safely. Of course, those too timid will fail as well.

Destination Trésor (Backordered)

You are an adventurer, and have parachuted down somewhere on a lost island located deep in the South Seas to hunt for a fabulous treasure. Naturally, you are not alone on this island: you have an opponent, another adventurer who has also parachuted...

20 Questions (Backordered)

(20% savings!)
Originally introduced in 1987, this new edition of 20 Questions is great fun for the entire family. Each round features a new mystery topic from history, entertainment, sports or culture.

Black Box+ (Currently Unavailable) includes standard and hexagonal boards

Deduce the structure of a hidden molecule. Direct rays at the molecule and examine where (or if!) they emerge. Use this information to figure out where the hidden atoms are.

Waz Baraz (Currently Unavailable)

During the thousandth Moon night, the Dancing witches gather for an ancient magical ritual. Move around the Magic Circle and discover the Dancing Leaders. A deductive game for 3 - 6 players.

Da Vinci Code (Currently Unavailable)

Each player must figure out the opponents' secret number code before their own is cracked. But how? You only see the blank backs of the opponents' pieces and only know your own numbers. But in the course of the game you collect more and more...

Goldraub in London (Currently Unavailable)


Heisse Spur (Currently Unavailable) German edition of Stop Thief

All the players are detectives. Everyone has orders to track down and arrest wanted criminals. However, the crooks are invisible. But with the help of the Electronics Crime Scanner, they can find their respective traces, so the crooks can be chased...

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