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One Player Vs. Many

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Middle-Earth Quest (Restocking)
List: $79.95 $63.99 (20% savings!)

Middle-Earth Quest is set in the seventeen-year period between Bilbo's birthday party and the Ring's departure from the Shire, as described in J.R.R. Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings.

Supermarket Psycho (Announced) Supermarket Psycho confronts you with the real life horror of supermarket stress. Will you be the first to snap and -- to the other players' amusement -- go crazy? And will you make them pay in the ensuing food fight?

The Three Musketeers: The Queen's Pendants (Backordered)
List: $50.95 $40.75 (20% savings!) Proudly put on your plumed hat, wear the tunic of the musketeers, and lift your sword, the honor of the Queen is in your hands! Return the diamond pendants recklessly given by the Queen to Buckingham before Cardinal de Richelieu unmasks his noble...

Mister X (Backordered) modernized editon of Scotland Yard, English language edition
List: $40.00 $31.99 (20% savings!) After more than two decades on the run, Mister X has finally broken away from the hounds of Scotland Yard and is now loose in Europe, with new tricks and deceptions to help him hide. But the detectives have an advantage of their own: They know his goal...

E.T.I.: Estimated Time to Invasion (Backordered)
List: $39.95 $31.95 (20% savings!) The year is 1965. You control a global corporation and bask in the world of the ultra-powerful. Life would be perfect if not for one little thing. A massive alien fleet is gliding silently through space toward Earth! You now must ally with your former...

Darkness Falls on Sevinpold (Backordered)
List: $29.99 $23.95 (20% savings!) Darkness Falls on Sevinpold is a revolutionary new fantasy board game where every castle is filled with secrets, perils, powers and magical creatures; where the heroes, known as the Valiant, must play as a team against the menacing Darkness in order to...

Scotland Yard (Backordered) International edition
List: $40.00 $32.00 (20% savings!) Scotland Yard is searching for Mister X. Will his pursuers catch him in the London fog? How will Mister X try to escape? Will the detectives find him in time? If they work together, they have a chance. Mister X will try to escape by bus,...

Ghost Chase in Canterville Castle (Backordered) English language edition
List: $39.95 $29.95 (25% savings!) One player is the ghost and the others the ghost chasers. The chasers try to capture the ghost and the ghost tries to elude capture in this exciting game. The chasers can cooperate, but only one can win by capturing the ghost. If the ghost eludes...

Fluch der Mumie (Currently Unavailable)
$37.95 Deep in a pyramid's interior, courageous adventurers search for hidden treasures -- but they didn't reckon on the mummy! It roams through the pyramid and wants to chase away the intruders from all the treasures.

Dorn (Currently Unavailable) English language edition
$44.99 Dorn has been available in Czech since 2006 through Altar Games, but CBG will have the game available in English.

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