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Category: Speed / Reaction Time
Category: Kids Games
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Löwenstark! (Backordered) As Strong as a Lion!

(10% savings!)
Who is to be the new king of the savannah will be decided by this In order to reach the lion temple first the players have to be very observant and quickly spot the animal cards which match the dice.

Schneller Becher (Backordered) Speedy Sundae

(10% savings!)
The sundae fills with yummy ice cream scoops. Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate... Just a moment: chocolate is there twice! Who will be the ice cream man quickest at tossing their scoop into the sundae cup? A speedy game of reaction.

Quack Quack (Backordered)

(10% savings!)
All the colorful animals from the farm are playing in the field. The little farm helpers need to make sure all the animals are on the farm by calling them. Be the first helper to call the animal matching the colors on the dice to win. This game of...

Match of the Penguins (Backordered) English language edition of Schicki Micki

(19% savings!)
Match of the Penguins is a preposterous preponderance of penguin puffery. What are the big, bedecked birds doing on the beach? Enjoying themselves, just as we hope you will as you sharpen your reflexes and quick scanning skills in this fast-moving game.

Banana Slap (Backordered)

(10% savings!)
This is certainly one of the funniest card games released on the market in recent years! Be the first to follow the monkey's lead. When two cards match, slap the banana or do what the monkeys do! This game is completely bananas and is also a great...

Brementown Musicians (Backordered)

(9% savings!)
Will the strong donkey or the bold rooster chase off the most robbers? Only the one who quickly makes the right combinations and snatches first, wins this quick animal duel for 2 players, which includes "The Brementown Musicians" fairytale.

Welt der Abenteuer (Backordered) A World of Adventure

(10% savings!)
Four exciting adventures await you. Courage and dexterity, slyness and a bit of luck are needed for the great journey. What do you want to do first? Get going and reach the eternal ice or pass through the arduous land of the volcanoes? You choose...

Check Out! (Backordered) English language edition of Bunt Herum

(11% savings!)
Attention shoppers! Take the express lane to fun in this fast-paced game of visual perception and quick reflexes. You've found an aisle to put the orange cheese and green apples. But now what do you do with the purple eggs?! Race to place all of...

First Hand (Backordered)

(20% savings!)
It pays to have the sharpest eyes and the fastest fingers in this wacky wrist-twisting party game. A card is flipped and everyone must position their hands to match the hands pictured on the card. But watch out for the fake finger cards! Last...

Bobby Sitter (Currently Unavailable)

Bobby Sitter is a speed/observation game along the lines of Jungle Speed. Says designer Jean-Marc Courtil, "I have to be the fastest one at the table, but not make a mistake."

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