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Heroscape: Malliddon's Prophecy wave 1 four-pack

This is a collection of all 4 expansion sets from Heroscape: Malliddon's Prophesy. It includes Snipers & Vipers, Grut Orcs, Heroes of Bleakwoode, and The IX Roman Legion.

HeroScape: Malliddon's Prophecy: Grut Orcs (Temporarily Out of Stock) wave 1

To support Grimnak and Deathwalker 9000 in battle, Utgar has summoned more warriors to join the fight. Now you can build more into your army with a squad of 4 Blade Grut Orcs or a squad of 3 Arrow Grut Orcs. The special powers and abilities of these...

HeroScape: Malliddon's Prophecy: Snipers & Vipers wave 1

Jandar needs more warriors to continue his battle against the evil Utgar. Together he and Ullar have summoned additional warriors to help in the fight. The snake-like Vipers are able to slither through water, advancing faster towards the enemy...

HeroScape: Malliddon's Prophecy: The IX Roman Legion wave 1

Einar in his quest to aid Utgar control the wellsprings, has summoned additional warriors to fight with the fearsome Grimnak. A squad of 4 Roman Legionnaires and a squad of 3 Roman Archers are ready at your command. These archers and Legionnaires with...

HeroScape: Malliddon's Prophecy: Heroes of Bleakwoode wave 1

The battle is getting tougher. New heroes are needed to lead the armies to victory. Jandar, Ullar, Utgar and Einar are seeking reinforcements. These unique heroes bring special powers and abilities to our armies. The Kyrie's ability to fly enables them...

HeroScape: Orm's Return: Heroes of Laur AKA: Hyperion's Return; Large Set 1

Let these heroes lead your troops to victory! Big battles require big warriors. The fierceness and special abilities of these large and powerful fighters are sure to bring your armies the strength and leadership they need to overcome their enemies.

Heroscape: Defenders of Kinsland: Heroes of the Molten Sea wave 8

Moriko's Phantom Walk power allows her to stealthily move through your opponent's figures. Sir Dupuis can add additional dice to his attacks, while Otonashi's tricky speed may allow her to move additional spaces. Chardris' Fire Strike draws power from...

Heroscape: Moltenclaw's Invasion: Icewind Scourge Dungeons & Dragons wave D3

Heroscape: Moltenclaw's Invasion: Valkrill's Legion Dungeons & Dragons wave D3

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