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Spielbox Magazine

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Spielbox Magazine: 2007 issue 2 (Currently Unavailable) includes Age of Steam map & Caylus Magna Carta card
$11.99 This issue of Spielbox magazine includes an expansion for Age of Steam and Caylus Magna Carta.

Spielbox Magazine: 2008 issue 3 includes an accessory for Agricola Spielbox issue 3/08 comes with the farmer sheet, an accessory for Agricola, and three additional cards for Millionen von Schwalben. Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title, usually because it's out of print.

Spielbox Magazine: Hans im Glück, Der Almanach (Currently Unavailable) includes Carcassonne & Stone Age expansions
$11.99 The Hans im Glück almanac contains information (in German) on the publisher's history as well as on its games. It also includes Carcasonne: Die Kultstätten and Stone Age: Die neuen Hütten, expansions for their respective base games.

Spielbox Magazine: 2008 issue 5 (Currently Unavailable) includes the X-deck expansion for Agricola
$11.99 Spielbox issue 5/08 comes with the X-deck expansion for Agricola. This deck includes alien action spaces, alien merchants, alien acquisitions, alien events and alien education. The aliens land (i.e. the deck comes into play) as soon as the first quarry...

Spielbox Magazine: 2008 issue 6 (Currently Unavailable) includes Ghost Stories: The Guardhouse Expansion
$11.99 Spielbox issue 6/08 comes with Ghost Stories: The Guardhouse Expansion, which includes a guardhouse tile and four new ghosts.

Spielbox Magazine: 2009 issue 6 (Currently Unavailable) includes Carcassonne: Der Tunnel
$11.99 Spielbox issue 6/09 comes with a mini-expansion for Carcassonne.

Spielbox Magazine: 2010 issue 1 (Backordered) English language edition; includes a Dominion player aid
$11.99 Presenting the first ENGLISH LANGUAGE edition of Spielbox magazine. This issue contains a player-aid tableau for Dominion.

Spielbox Magazine: 2010 issue 7 (Restocking) English language edition

Issue 7 features an expansion for Zooloretto called The Christmas Tree.

Spielbox Magazine: 2010 issue 2 (Restocking) English language edition

This issue of Spielbox features an expansion for Finca.

Spielbox Magazine: 2010 issue 5 (Backordered) English language edition
$11.99 Issue 5 of the English edition of Spielbox magazine.

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