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Essen 2010 Releases

Funagain Games is your home for the latest releases from the Internationale Spieltage the largest consumer show of board games in the world!

As in years past Funagain is traveling to Essen (the city in Germany where the Internationale Spieltage is held every year, and the show's common name to non-Germans) to bring back the newest and best in hobby board games. You can pre-order these games at Funagain!

The list of games that are pre-orderable will grow as we receive more pricing information from publishers. So if you see a game that you'd like, but there is currently no price please keep checking back. There are some special conditions with these pre-orders so please read carefully below to understand how Essen pre-orders will work.

Games from Essen which are on pre-orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. While we strive to fill all pre-orders, sometimes certain games are only available in limited numbers, or not at all. We will make every effort to combine orders placed by customers for multiple Essen games into one shipment.

Because of the nature of international freight shipping, expected arrival dates are approximate only. Essen games should arrive shortly after the 1st of November, but unexpected delays could result in their arrival being later. Funagain does everything possible to expedite the arrival of the Essen games, but some factors are beyond our control.

Prices on Essen pre-orders are locked in. If our final price ends up being more than the pre-order price, pre-order prices will be honored. If our final price ends up being lower than our pre-order price the lower price will be honored.

We do not always know whether English rules will be available for the Essen games. We will post this information on the individual product pages as it becomes available.

Do you have a question not answered here? Then send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to answer it!

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Neue Welten (Preorder) Designer Urs Hostettler has a sequel to his Wie ich die Welt sehe ("As I See the World") coming from Abacusspiele in 2010, a sequel that can be combined with the original game for large group play or played on its own.

Heckmeck Junior (Preorder) If one line extension – that being Heckmeck Barbecue – is a somewhat more complicated version of the original Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck (aka Pickomino), then you might expect a second line extension to be simpler – which brings us to Heckmeck Junior...

West Riding Revisited (Preorder) Winsome Games describes West Riding Revisited thusly: "This game is the result of ten years of further development of Han's original West Riding game, and it plays very differently. No money is provided with WRR."

Texas & Pacific (Preorder) A description of Texas & Pacific from the publisher: "Harry's latest game includes Ranches, Western build options and the explosive growth seen in Texas. No money is provided with T&P."

SNCF (Preorder) Winsome Games describes SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français) thusly: "This simple but compelling railroad game covers all of France."

Preußische Ostbahn: Oldenburg Expansion (Preorder) Winsome Games says that the Preußische Ostbahn: Oldenburg Expansion "brings another railroad with a special ability into the game."

Baltimore & Ohio: Maine Lumber Expansion (Preorder) Winsome Games notes that Baltimore & Ohio: Maine Lumber Expansion is "the smallest expansion we have ever produced, but it has a big effect on the base game."

Age of Steam: Poland (Preorder) Of Age of Steam: Poland, Winsome Games says only that it "is a fresh, new expansion for our classic game."

Vinhos (Temporarily Out of Stock)

(20% savings!)
In the game, players buy vineyards, cultivate vines, manage their storage needs, hire oenologists, and otherwise manage affairs like a real vintner in order to earn tons of money...

Crows (Preorder) Crows is a tile-placement game from designer Tyler Sigman in which the tiles are tools to get crows into play. Nine tiles are placed in a checkerboard pattern to start the game, with crows placed atop tiles that bear crow icons...

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