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LEGO: Star Wars

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LEGO: Star Wars: Watch: Darth Maul

(48% savings!)

LEGO: Star Wars: Alarm Clock: Darth Maul

(75% savings!)

LEGO: Star Wars: Vader's TIE Advanced vs. A-wing Starfighter (Preorder)

Open the cockpit, load Lord Vader into his TIE Advanced and speed to intercept the rebel A-Wing Starfighter. Fire the spring-loaded shooters when you are in range, but watch out for...

LEGO: Star Wars: Resistance X-wing Fighter (Preorder)

Help! Lor San Tekka's desert home is under attack by the First Order Flametrooper! Swoop to the rescue with Poe Dameron in the Resistance X-Wing Fighter with its opening...

LEGO: Star Wars: Encounter on Jakku (Preorder)

Join Rey and her companion BB-8 as she trades scavenged parts at Unkar Plutt's market stall. But look out! Teedo on his Luggabeast is trying to kidnap BB-8!

LEGO: Star Wars: StarScavenger (Preorder)

Siblings Rowan, Kordi and Zander are on the hunt for space junk in their starship StarScavenger, and they need your help to recover it. Fold out the engines, load a minifigure and...

LEGO: Star Wars: Eclipse Fighter (Preorder)

Jump Naare into the Eclipse Fighter and rendezvous with bounty hunter Dengar on his speeder. When he's not expecting it, transform the vehicle to reveal the hidden spring-loaded shooters!

LEGO: Star Wars: Battle on Takodana (Preorder)

Battle Finn against evil enemy Kylo Ren at the forest castle entrance, featuring sliding doors, wheel-activated exploding wall and collapsing staircase, plus a falling tree function.

LEGO: Star Wars: Hoth Attack (Preorder)

The Imperial forces have discovered the location of the secret Rebel base and are attacking. Turn the tower, close the hatch and fire the shooter.

LEGO: Star Wars: Carbon-Freezing Chamber (Preorder)

Han Solo has been taken to the Carbon-Freezing Chamber and is about to be frozen in a block of solid carbonite! Can he defeat Boba Fett and escape or will he be frozen for all...

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