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Category: Exploration
Category: Strategy Games
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(18% savings!)
The adventure scenarios are the actual journeys of such explorers as Marco Polo, Nansen, Scott, Drake, Cook, etc. Players pick a journey, make preparations, assemble crews & venture forth. They make the trip together, each handling different...

Players take turns influencing the direction of three expeditions to visit their preferred acrhaeological sites.

Eminent Domain: Escalation (Temporarily Out of Stock)

(20% savings!)
Welcome back, Emperor. The time for unchecked expansion is over. Warmongers raise their flags over weaker empires, while civilized planets take shelter behind peace treaties...

Francis Drake (Temporarily Out of Stock)

(20% savings!)
Return to a bustling Plymouth Harbor in 1572 as an aspiring Elizabethan captain...

1969 (Temporarily Out of Stock)

The Space Race has begun!

Betrayal at House on the Hill (Temporarily Out of Stock)

Build a house of terror -- tile by tile. With fifty fiendish scenarios, Betrayal at House on the Hill puts you face to face with legendary monsters, modern nightmares, and ... your friends.

Tobago (Restocking)

(20% savings!)
Tobago is an adventure game, in which the players possess different parts of treasure maps. During the game more and more information about the locations of the treasures is revealed, and the possible locations are narrowed down. When a player...

Ad Astra (Restocking) English language edition

(20% savings!)
In Ad Astra ("To the Stars"), you guide one of the five factions of future humanity in its exploration of the galaxy. Wield powerful technology; reshape newly discovered planets to give a new home to man; and explore the mysterious relics of a...

Mission: Red Planet (Restocking) English language edition of Mission: Planète Rouge

(20% savings!)
In Mission: Red Planet, players portray competing corporations recruiting the best scientists, astronauts, spies, and armed forces, and launching rockets and building mining colonies to explore the Red Planet in their quest to gain control of the most...

Amerigo (Backordered)

(20% savings!)
In Amerigo, the players help Amerigo Vespucci on his journey to discover new land. The players explore the islands of South America, secure trading routes, and build settlements.

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