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Category: Nautical/Aquatic
Category: Card Games
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Santa Timea (Announced) In this trick taking game, players try each round to take the central ship card, which has a wind direction. If you sail with that wind, your card counts full value... sail against and it's worth nothing. At the end players score for certain...

Fleet: Fish Meeples (Backordered)

Fish meeples replace the blue cubes that come with the basic game.

Fleet: Expansion (Backordered)


Borneo (Backordered) 2008 edition

(19% savings!)
Europe, XVII century. With their thirst for richness, the merchants are ready to sail towards the Oriental Indies, where the commerce of spices is florid. Meanwhile, the struggle inside the merchant companies becomes harder...

Task Forces at War (Backordered)

Task Forces at War is a 64-card, diceless, two-player introductory card game designed to be both easy to learn and quick to play. It is an excellent game for a parent to use to introduce children to the fascinating hobby of war games or to use to...

Brawling Battleships Steel (Backordered)

Brawling Battleships is a card game of luck and strategy that is based on World War One (1914-1918) surface naval combat, a period when all great powers had mighty fleets of new steel ships with enormous guns.

Cowabunga (Backordered)

(20% savings!)
Catch a wave in Cowabunga!, the brand-new card game of Surfin' Steer and ups and downs! Ride high on the wave, dodging obstacles as you play number cards to raise or lower the water level. If you can finish the game with the least amount of wipeouts...

Dead Man's Treasure (Backordered) English language edition of Der Schatz des Käpt'n Flint

(20% savings!)
In Dead Man's Treasure players compete to gain the most valuable treasure on a chain of six islands. Deploy your crew secretly to the islands in your quest for the treasure, but watch out for booby traps, lest you find yourself on the bottom of the sea.

Ahoy (Backordered)

In a race on the ocean you receive help from dolphins, sharks, turtles and orcas. You move from sea animal to sea animal to finish the course the quickest. Time and again, different sea animals break the water surface. Remember where they each swim!

Shrimpin' (Backordered)

(13% savings!)
Dump that day job and put on your hip waders. You're going into the shrimpin' business. In Shrimpin' each player has scraped up just enough cash to purchase themselves a brand spankin' new used shrimp boat. Unfortunately, not much money is left,...

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