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Category: Crime
Category: Family Games
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Mafia: Gameplay Cards (Restocking) a retheme of Werewolf
List: $9.99 $7.95 (20% savings!)

Your town has been infiltrated by the Mafia! Unfortunately, the Citizens don't know who they are. All players try to figure out during the day who the Mafia member are, while at night the Mafia members kill off a Citizen. Whichever group is left wins.

FBI (Backordered) English language edition of Commissario
List: $13.00 $10.50 (19% savings!) You are the leader of a team of field agents. Your aim is to collar as many criminals as you can. Your superior and the media spotlight has you in the pressure cooker to perform above and beyond the call of duty. But, of course, no one is...

Alibi (Backordered)
List: $15.00 $12.00 (20% savings!) Can you solve the mystery? A crime has been committed and you must solve it. Who did it, and when? How was it done, where, and why? Just solving the crime is not enough. Unlike older games, players need more than cold logic to win. They need a...

Los Banditos (Currently Unavailable) an Easy Play game
$18.95 Two bandits are trying to divide some stolen loot. Players take turns drawing two dice from the bag and placing them next to any of the four piles of loot in the center. Whoever forms the best set of 3 dice claims the piece. First to 10 points wins!

Schmugglerjagd (Currently Unavailable)

Wanted! (Currently Unavailable) The judge, the policeman, the burglar and the banker. They all take part. But they don't always carry out their own actual occupation. Sometimes, the judge performs a burglary, the policeman casts a sentence and the burglar is seen behind a bank...

Der Schattendieb (Currently Unavailable)
$8.95 The Shadow Thief has struck again during the night! The next morning the guests at the Grand hotel desperately try to save their jewels, but only the player who manages to save the most valuable pieces will win the game.

Unusual Suspects Players receive one "fingerprint" card which establishes their se4cret identity and six playing cards... Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title, usually because it's out of print.

Smugglers Have the most money when the game ends! There are TWO ways to make money and win this game, 1) make a successful delivery and 2) intercept an illegal delivery. Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title, usually because it's out of print.

Sneaks & Snitches Imagine you are the head of a company of thieves – oh, not a filthy band of cutpurses and pickpockets, but rather an elite cadre of elegant ladies... Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title, usually because it's out of print.

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