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Category: World War 2
Category: War Games
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War Elephants

This set includes two elephants – Indian and African – plus handlers and soldiers.

Greek Infantry 1/72 Scale Model

This set includes heavily armed Hoplites and dart and stone throwers of the Greek-Persian Wars.

IL-2 Tank Hunter Soviet Stormovik 1/72 Scale Model


Junkers JU-88 A-17/A-5 German Bomber 1/72 Scale Model


Petlyakov PE-8 Soviet Long-Range 1/72 Scale Model

The maiden flight of the first Pe-8 prototype was in December 1936.

Mig-3 Fighter Soviet Night Interceptor 1/72 Scale Model

The MiG-3 was a single engine, single seat fighter and was used in the righter, dive-bomber, and reconnaissance roles during World War II.

German 80-MM Mortar with Crew - Winter Uniform

The standard issue heavy mortar for the German army in World War II was the 8 cm Granatwerfer 34, an 81mm smoothbore mortar with exceptional accuracy and a very high rate of fire.

Soviet 82-MM Mortar with Crew - Winter Uniform

During World War II, the Soviet army depended on two similar designs for infantry support mortars: the 82-BM-37, originally issued in 1937, and the lighter and more maneuverable 82-BM-41.

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