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Category: Archaeology / Paleontology
Category: Family Games
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Mykerinos (Restocking)

(20% savings!)
1899. For more than a century, the European public has been fascinated by Egyptology and the discoveries of Denon, Champollion, Petrie and others. Seeking adventure and glory, teams of archaeologists search the sands of Egypt for hidden treasures...

Lost Cities 2015 edition

Who will discover the ancient civilizations? Two explorers embark on research journeys to remote corners of the world: the Himalayan mountains, the Central American...


Discover the legendary treasures of Tutankhamen. You travel through tortuous paths to arrive at the vault of the Pharaoh. Alabaster lamps, golden daggers and splendid masks lie waiting for you. But beware! The other players will try to snatch the...

Tutankhamen (Restocking)

Discover the treasures of Tutankhamen. Alabaster lamps, golden daggers and splendid masks lie waiting for you. But beware -- other players may snatch the most valuable treasures from right before your eyes. Riches and fame await the archeologists...

Pergamon (Backordered)

(20% savings!)
It‘s the year 1878 and at early excavations in Turkey, archaeologists discover the remains of ancient Pergamon. Soon the “finds” become precious exhibitions that intrigue the public.

Indus (Backordered) English language edition

(20% savings!)
There are fascinating secrets hidden in the fertile valley of the River Indus -- discover artefacts from the ancient Harappa culture. Each game is different as the board can be put together in a variety of ways to produce different excavation sites.

Mummy Rummy (Backordered)

(19% savings!)
In this puzzling game of visual intrigue, each card depicts a partial image of an ancient Egyptian treasure. Dig and sift through the pile, seeking the cards that overlap. Complete the picture and behold a treasure! Mummy Rummy provides a glimpse...

Fluch der Mumie (Currently Unavailable)

Deep in a pyramid's interior, courageous adventurers search for hidden treasures -- but they didn't reckon on the mummy! It roams through the pyramid and wants to chase away the intruders from all the treasures.

Dino Detektive (Currently Unavailable)

Dino Detektive invites amateur paleontologists on a journey through time. Each player has his team at various excavation sites and is trying to collect as many different dinosaur skeletons as possible. But the other teams want to make as many...

Troia (Currently Unavailable)

As archaeologists, the players try to reconstruct the individual layers of Troy by excavating fragments from the site. By publishing their results, players gain prestige and earn additional digging permits. Whoever attains the highest level of...

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