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Category: Game Accessories
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Descent: Splig Second Edition Lieutenant Miniature

With Lieutenant Packs for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, you can replace the game’s lieutenant tokens and bring the overlord’s most powerful agents to life...

Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Scenario Booklet

The Battleground Scenario Book contains eight exciting battle scenarios for Battleground Fantasy Warfare, the award-winning tabletop wargame in which cards, rather than painted models, represent your forces. Each scenario includes a story introduction...

Zombies!!!: bag o' Babes!!!
List: $12.99 $10.99 (15% savings!)

Zombies!!! Bag o' Babes!!! features 100 female zombie figures as featured in Zombies!!! 2nd Edition.

Descent: Serena (Temporarily Out of Stock) Second Edition Lieutenant Miniature

he priestess Serena sometimes aids the heroes, but she has also been known to work against them..

A Touch of Evil: Special Edition CD Game Soundtrack (Temporarily Out of Stock)
List: $11.95 $9.50 (21% savings!)

The Special Edition Game Soundtrack for A Touch of Evil adds 5 new tracks of music to the original score as well as including 2 exclusive, music-themed promo cards for the game.

Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Terrain Pack (Temporarily Out of Stock)
List: $14.95 $11.95 (20% savings!)

The Battleground Terrain Pack offers fifteen square feet of beautiful terrain, including roads, rivers, hills, forests, bogs, stakes in the ground, cliffs, walls, beaches, ponds, lakes and more. The terrain is printed on sheets of laminated cardstock...

Zombie Chibithulhu Plush (Restocking) a Munchkin Cthulhu accessory
List: $22.95 $19.99 (13% savings!)

Descent: Sir Alric Farrow (Restocking) Road to Legend Lieutenant Miniature
List: $9.95 $7.99 (20% savings!)

He has already died once fighting for what he believes in. Now, he is a simple puppet of the Overlord, and the prospect of dying again does not frighten him... not half as much as he frightens those who cross his path.

Descent: Lord Merick Farrow (Restocking) Road to Legend Lieutenant Miniature
List: $9.95 $7.99 (20% savings!)

When Lord Merick Farrow's brother Sir Alric died in battle, it was a tragedy for all the Free Cities. However, when Lord Merick struck a deal with the dark powers to get his brother back, it foretold their doom.

Zombies!!!: bag o' Dogs!!! (Restocking) limited edition, glow-in-the-dark
List: $9.99 $7.99 (20% savings!)

This limited edition set contains 100 special edition, glow-in-the-dark zombie dogs for use with the Zombies!!! board game.

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