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Viking / Norse

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Asgard's Chosen!

(10% savings!)

Nord: Jarl Expansion (Restocking)

Nord: Jarl Expansion adds four special Jarls to the game: Ragnar, Eirik, Floki and Thorstein. These Jarls can substitute neutral jarls. They are placed during the setup before the players' jarls onto a central settlement.

King's Table (Restocking)

(9% savings!)
This Viking game consists of 25 pieces divided between two unequally matched sides, the Light and Dark sides. It is a game of attack and defense. Either side can play an aggressive or defensive game, or can suddenly switch tactics. The problems for...

Thor (Restocking)

The wild Norse gods need to be calmed. With circumspection and understanding, you must select the correct sacrifice in order to finally attain the favour of the most powerful ones. But guard against Thor's anger, because his powerful hammer Mjöllnir...

Bardagi: The Claim for Gold (Announced) Dissolution has occurred in the Vikings homeland; the country´s resources are depleted and there is turbulence in the society. The High Jarl has invited a group of brave people the opportunity to try their luck in a newly discovered group of islands.

Bottlecap Vikings (Backordered)

(20% savings!)
Bottlecap Vikings is a small rondel game with a ton of replayability.

Gone Viking (Backordered)

(20% savings!)
In Gone Viking, you want to become the richest viking in the clan, competing against the other players as you raid and pillage...

Eketorp (Backordered) revised, multilingual edition

(20% savings!)
The Viking fortress Eketorp on the north side of the Baltic Sea island needs reinforcing against enemy attacks. The viking chiefs send out their men to bring back the necessary construction materials for the fort. But supplies are rare and battles must...

Walhalla (Backordered)

In this boardgame you are a master chieftain and send your own Viking fleet on extensive raids. Meanwhile, your fellow players try to conquer as much new country as possible as well. Of course there are lots of wild fights. But only the most courageous...

Longships (Currently Unavailable)

Longships is a Viking-themed plunder/trading game. Players start in the North Sea with an empty longship each, surrounded by four countries: Denmark, Norway, Scotland and England. Players have to start with plundering at least one country each in order...

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