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Bugs / Insects

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Circus Flohcati (Backordered)

(20% savings!)
The world-renowned Flohcati Brothers circus is in town, but with lions and tigers and bears, oh no! This is the smallest circus known to man: the flea circus. Players compete to collect the best fleas of each kind. Be the first to collect all ten...

Picknick Panik Deluxe (Backordered)

Nasty crawling insects attack your picnic. They want your food. Get your flyswatter and show them who's boss!

Cootie (Backordered)

A favorite for more than 50 years! Roll the Cootie cube, be first to finish your Cootie to win.

Ants in the Pants (Backordered)

Press down on the ants, make them jump into the pants! Classic preschool game. A favorite for more than 30 years!

Kakerlakensuppe (Currently Unavailable)

A follow-on game to 2007's Kakerlaken Salat in which the cockroaches are now making soup with four types of vegetables, possibly fibbing as they play their cards while trying to make soup as quickly as possible. Suppe and Salat can be combined for...

Atta Ants expansion 2 (Currently Unavailable)


Atta Ants expansion 1 (Currently Unavailable)

This expansion to Atta Ants adds twigs, tunnels, and rocks to the game.

Atta Ants (Currently Unavailable)

Atta is the Latin name for the tribes of leaf cutter ants. Atta tribes can consist of millions of ants and a nest can be several cubic meters in size. Atta ants are always scouring for leaves to build their nest. They create trails -- sometimes up...

Mückenstich (Currently Unavailable)

One would dearly love to send these tiny troublesome spirits the neck of a dear neighbor. The "mosquitoes" are the highest cards of their color, but at the end they count as negative points. A quick, diverting card game with an interesting trump...

Micro Mutants: Invasion Expansion revised version of X-Bugs Two new microscopic armies are joining the battle in the game that gives classic tiddlywinks an extra dose of strategy.The Samuracnids are a dangerous breed of warriors who look to the ancient tradition of the Bushido... Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title, usually because it's out of print.

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