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Hell / Devil / Demon

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Extra Evil: The HellGame Expansion Deck (Backordered)

(21% savings!)
This expansion is a deck of 55 new cards, most of them Arcana Cards, that further expands the scope of the game. It also features a few replacement cards, among them a much clarified Mad Love card.

The HellGame (Backordered)

(20% savings!)
The HellGame is a boardgame of intrigue and power-struggle among the daemons of Hell. The players each assume the role of a Triumvirate of daemons thirsty for power and influence and the winner is the first player to claim control of one of Hell's...

Claustrophobia De Profundis

With De Produndis, the Siccaria, powerful warriors, reinforce the human army, and terrible rabid hounds join the camp of the Underworld...

Claustrophobia (Temporarily Out of Stock)

1634. Humanity wants more, Hell is the next target. In this tactical survival game, one player controls the human group that explores the infernal underground and confronts a steady-stream troglodyte's army, and your opponent plays the demon group who...

Die Exorzisten (Announced) Someone is possessed -- possessed, I tell you! -- and the players of this game have been called it to heal the afflicted, or bring him back into balance, or use his illness for your own ends. Oh, it's all so confusing, but that's because six different...

Apokalypse (Announced) Designer Henning Poehl notes that the game box will hold Apocalyptic riders, many good people and just as many bad ones, and Apocalyptic money, which holds incredible value at the end of the world.

Bottle Imp (Backordered) English language edition of Flaschenteufel

As with many other trick-taking card games, the idea of The Bottle Imp is to acquire the most points. The Bottle Imp makes trumps out of the lowest cards. The player with the highest card...

Possession (Backordered) card game

(20% savings!)
Possession is a deceptively fun party game that lets YOU battle the onslaught of the demon called Legion. As the weeks roll past you must use your wits and special talents to keep Legion's evil essence from spreading throughout the group. With Holy Men...

Dante's Inferno (Backordered)

(17% savings!)
Dante's Inferno is a tile-based, strategy game based on the literary classic. The object of the game is to rescue enough sinners (resources) to gain entry to the 9th Circle of Hell and defeat Lucifer while preventing the other players from doing so...

Flaschenteufel (Currently Unavailable) new edition

The book The Bottle Imp by Robert Louis Stevenson tells a story about a magical bottle that grants wishes to the owner... with a catch. It can't increase lifespan, you can only sell it for less than you paid for it, and if you die with it, you go...

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