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Trumpet 1st Edition

Each round is won by the highest card played of the suit led, or by the highest Trump card played. The winning player advances along the scoring board path...

Blitz und Donner German edition of Hera and Zeus

Mexica German language edition

Morgenland German edition

Acquire German bookshelf edition with plastic tiles

Alles im Eimer small square box

Each player builds a pyramid of buckets of five different colors before himself. The starting player challenges the next player with a card -- the next player must then raise the stakes by playing a higher value of cards of the same color --...

Dampfross German edition

Diamonds Club In England at the tail-end of the 19th century, four experienced gem dealers are competing in the "Diamonds Club" to see who among them is the craftiest. They invest their money in mines, digging rights and the latest inventions, with each trying...


This title is not related to Randolph's and Colovini's Inkognito.

Hol's der Geier 1998 German edition

A quick bidding and bluffing game; however, unlike many card games, this is a game of skill and steely nerves. All players start with the same hand.

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