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Wolfgang Kramer (Designer)

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Who's the Ass? (Backordered)
List: $13.00 $10.50 (19% savings!) Just as I was winning, the ass appeared! Now I am stuck with a hand full of cards again! The aim of the game is it to get rid of your cards as fast as possible. Once done, all other players score negative points. However, beware of the ass... and...

FBI (Backordered) English language edition of Commissario
List: $13.00 $10.50 (19% savings!) You are the leader of a team of field agents. Your aim is to collar as many criminals as you can. Your superior and the media spotlight has you in the pressure cooker to perform above and beyond the call of duty. But, of course, no one is...

Gulo Gulo (Backordered)
List: $39.95 $31.95 (20% savings!) The wolverine Gulo Gulo is always hungry, especially when near a nest of fresh eggs. Young wolverines love swamp eggs just as much as adults, but are not as careful. Thus, junior is caught and the family has to rescue him -- while getting eggs for...

The Princes of Florence (Backordered) #4 ALBS, English language edition of Die Fürsten von Florenz
List: $39.95 $31.99 (20% savings!) Experience the golden age of the Renaissance! Assume the role of the head of an Italian Aristocratic dynasty and lead your family like the Medici or Borgia. Build magnificent buildings, cultivate beautiful parks, and invite famous artists and...

Evergreen (Backordered) English language edition
List: $32.95 $26.50 (20% savings!) Like the trees that are ever green, some concert performers are always popular with audiences. These singers continue to fill concert halls year after year. Like the tides, their popularity ebbs and flows, but always their presence on the bill...

Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix (Backordered) English language edition
List: $25.00 $20.00 (20% savings!) Experience the thrill of car racing in your own living room! Choose from the Detroit or Cleveland Grand Prix race tracks and vie with other players to have your car first across the finish line. In this, the first of Wolfgang Kramer's Auto Racing...

Ochs & Esel (Currently Unavailable) new edition of Das große und das kleine A
$13.35 A new version of Das große und das kleine A, which Amigo published in 1996. Players need to rid themselves of as many minus points as they can in this trick-taking game, while at the same time paying attention to the animals passing by so as not be...

El Capitán (Currently Unavailable) Master Print #3
$59.95 You are a reputable merchant of 15th century, sailing to strategically important cities of the Mediterranean, building warehouses in these cities and fortresses to protect them. It is your ambition to become the most mighty and successful merchant of...

Auf Achse (Currently Unavailable) revised edition
$38.95 Players compete to build routes and undercut the competition in order to carry cargo on their trucks between Flensvurg and Verona, Triest and Rotterdam. Foresight and planning are rewarded, although new events occur constantly which can help or hinder...

Im Bann der Pyramide (Currently Unavailable)
$8.95 In the desert of Egypt, the entrance to a previously unknown pyramid is discovered. Archaeologists excitedly search for the pharaoh's chamber, but the way to get there is quite long and full of dangers. With ladders, torches, ropes and pickaxes, they...

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