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Kosmos (Manufacturer)

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Jäger und Späher (Restocking) German language edition

In Jäger und Späher, each player leads a tribe in Stone Age times. Each turn, he decides which character card to play or whether to recall all of his traveling tribe members to the village.

Nauticus (Restocking)

Harbor life, merchant ships, and boxes full of valuable goods in the heyday of the Hanseatic League...

Kashgar: Händler der Seidenstraße (Restocking)

Trade different spices that are coming over the silk road from Asia to Europe...

Star Wars: Angriff der Rebellen (Restocking)

In Star Wars: Angriff der Rebellen, the crucial battle against the Empire is about to begin, and countless space battles await you.

Helvetia (Restocking)

The cover and name might have you thinking trivia game, but Matthias Cramer has something else in mind for you in Helvetia.

Turm Bauer (Restocking)

Matt Mette's Cornerstone, first self-published by Mette and Mike Thompson through Good Company Games in late 2008, is being republished by Kosmos as Turm Bauer.

World Without End (Restocking) English language edition of Die Tore der Welt

(10% savings!)
Journey to Knightsbridge, England, where 200 years ago Prior Phillip oversaw the building of the cathedral renowned as "The Pillars of the Earth". Now farmers, wool dealers, and builders seek wealth and prestige amidst a rivalry between the priory and...

Catan Geographies: Germany (Restocking) English language edition of Siedler von Catan: Deutschland

(10% savings!)
Explore and settle the storied land of Germany using the elegant, award-winning game design from The Settlers of Catan. Here, you will find great social interaction, simple rules, beautiful German geography, rich history and lore, and 12 wonderfully...

Lost Cities: The Board Game (Restocking) English language edition of Keltis

(20% savings!)
Each player leads a five-member group of four adventurers and a researcher on the search for lost cities. To reach each city, the players must travel a separate path nine steps long. On a player's turn, he plays a card and moves one of his adventurers...

Ubongo (Restocking) English language edition

(20% savings!)
Fast! Captivating! Simple! Fast because all players are trying simultaneously to cover their Ubongo spaces with the appropriate tiles. Captivating because you don't want to stop and excitedly look forward to the next round. Simple because the rules for...

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