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Schmidt Spiele (Manufacturer)

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Ligretto² (Restocking)

This version of Ligretto is designed specifically for 2 players. Although the rules differ slightly from standard Ligretto, it can be added to other Ligretto decks.

ZÈRTZ (Restocking) English language edition

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The third installment in the GIPF project, following GIPF and TAMSK, ZERTZ is played with 5 white, 7 gray and 9 black marbles and 37 round tiles. The tiles are used to assemble the board; the marbles are in a pool. Each turn you must place one...

Bumm Bumm Balloon! (Announced)

To set up Bumm Bumm Ballon!, you place a colored balloon inside the wood frame, pull out the wooden rods, then get ready to go! Each turn, a player rolls the die, which determines how...

Würfel-Ligretto (Announced) In W├╝rfel-Ligretto, the players randomly divide 24 dice amongst themselves; the six-sided dice come in four colors. Someone says go, then all players start rolling. Your goal is to get rid of all your dice by placing them on the gameboard. You must...

Packesel (Announced) in a tin Can anyone balance all the sticks on the back of the donkey? Whoever can do this first is the winner.

Numeri (Announced) In this new version of an old game from Hoffmann, players have colored tokens numbered 1-5. On a turn, you'll roll a six-sided die, then move the token that matches the number showing on the die to the next open space on the track; if you roll the star...

Gelini Nightlife (Announced) A Tutankhamen-ish game for kids, in which the players control discotheques and want to be the first to fill their dance floors with patrons. The guest counters are laid out in a single snaky line, with six coins mixed in, too. Each guest counter can...

Der kleine Ritter Trenk (Announced) Who will turn back the most robbers with the pea sling? Who will notice the most differences in the magician's pig trick? Who will shine best with his knowledge of the Middle Ages? And who will collect the most dragon teeth by the end of the game?

Vorsicht Lehrer (Announced) AKA: Silence in Class! Players take turns being students and the teacher, with the students trying not to get minus points from the teacher. Whoever has the fewest minus points wins the game.

Die Schatztaucher (Announced) The players are diving for sunken treasure! Each dive, they must decide anew how much of a risk to take and either dive deeper or take a treasure closer to the surface. But be careful -- watch out for the sea monsters! Not all of them are friendly...

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