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Michael Schacht (Designer)

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Knights (Backordered) English language edition

(21% savings!)
Players are knights competing to build castles in the kingdom. But building castles is not the only way to win. There are actually three ways to win: build four castles with different banners, build three different castles and topple the king, or...

Don (Backordered)

The Mafia is looking to carve up Chicago's best boroughs. Each player has cash to use to bid for boroughs. Players bid for 1, 2 or 3 boroughs of value 0-9 and the highest bid gets the offer and distributes the money to the other bidders. When all...

Schlauer Bauer (Backordered)


Schafe Schnappen (Currently Unavailable)

The sheep are peacefully grazing in the pasture, enjoying life. If only the annoying wolves weren't trying to coax them away from the herd. Who will risk just the right amount to have the most sheep in his shed at the end?

Shanghaien (Currently Unavailable)

The infamous dockside bars of Shanghai can get pretty rough. More than one sailor wandered in for nothing more than a quick drink only to wake up, head pounding, in the cabin of a tramp steamer. And so this recruitment method, favored by unscrupulous...

Serengeti (Currently Unavailable)

Once each year traders gather in the Great Market of Timbuktu to offer their wares. Especially desirable are the artistic carvings of the Nuba, Massai, Bantu, Nandi, Tonga and Samburu tribes. The market opens and money constantly changes hands in...

Frankenstein (Currently Unavailable)

Dr. Frankenstein is preparing his next creation with his assistant Igor. They’re arranging the necessary ingredients carefully. You won’t believe everything that’s used! They have a familiar problem, though: the things they need are on the bottom...

Coloretto Amazonas Erweiterung (Currently Unavailable) 2-player expansion

This expansion for Coloretto Amazonas is a limited edition of 2000. It is a single sheet which must be cut apart for use.

Crazy Chicken (Currently Unavailable)

Who will be ahead by a beak in this funny and exciting game for two crazy chickens? And who's going to lose their feathers in the chicken fight for valuable points?

Isis & Osiris (Currently Unavailable)

According to legend, Osiris brought agriculture to Egypt--the foundation of its culture. Together with Isis, he ruled the country with great wisdom until he was betrayed by his envious brother, Seth. Now Isis must search for her husband, and she...

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