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Clash of Arms (Manufacturer)

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Brute Force: The War in the West, 1940-1945 (Restocking)
List: $70.00 $63.00 (10% savings!)

Brute Force highlights three pivotal campaigns from the West Front: Norway, the 1940 Blitzkrieg in the West, and Operation Overlord. In each, both commanders are faced with numerous operational decisions. Proper allocation of the limited air and...

Snail's Pace (Restocking)
List: $9.95 $8.95 (10% savings!)

The forests are charged with the effervescence of springtime. Fairies flutter all a-buzz... great excitement and expectation accompany the new buds, for this change also heralds Gastrospeed! Banished are the unpleasant smells of gasoline and the...

Fear God & Dread Nought (Restocking)
List: $95.00 $83.99 (12% savings!)

La Bataille d'Orthez (Restocking)
List: $60.00 $54.00 (10% savings!)

By February 1814, Wellington had invested the French city of Bayonne and was pressing into the French interior with two goals in mind: driving the French army away from the important port city of Bordeaux, and bringing Soult's army to bay. Soult's Army...

Thieves of Bagdad (Restocking)
List: $19.95 $17.95 (10% savings!)

The golden sun has risen over minarets in Bagdad, city of a million wonders. Heavy sail boats dock along the river banks and flood the town and markets with their diverse goods. Every merchant in the area rushes to the docks and passionate...

Tales of Ulysse (Restocking)
List: $19.95 $17.95 (10% savings!)

Heroes of the Trojan War, Ulysses and his shipmates set sail for their triumphant journey home to Ithica. Unknown to them, however, the long battle for the city of Troy has created foes as well as friends among the gods of Olympus. What should be a...

Azteca (Restocking)
List: $24.95 $22.50 (10% savings!)

Four times now the world of your ancestors has been destroyed by the fury of the abominable Tezcatlipoca, God of Darkness. But each time the feather snake, Quetzalcoalt sacrificed himself, saving humankind from annihilation. Today it is 1325, the...

War Without Mercy: The War in the East, 1939-1944 (Restocking)
List: $64.00 $57.60 (10% savings!)

At 3:30 a.m., on Sunday, June 22, 1941, three million German soldiers lashed out across the border. Their goal was to destroy the ill-prepared colossus that was the Soviet Union. Enormous gains were made at first; countless Soviet formations lay...

Summer Storm: The Battle of Gettysburg, June 30-July 5, 1863 (Restocking)
List: $80.00 $69.95 (13% savings!)

Tired of marching up Cashtown Pike and running into the same old Union cavalry? Tired of Ewell always coming in on the same old flank and scattering the XIth Corps? Does it drive you mad to see, after all the Gettysburg games you've played, Sickles...

The Speed of Heat: Air Combat over Korea and Vietnam (Restocking)
List: $60.00 $54.00 (10% savings!)

This is a game of tactical air combat in which players control one or more jet fighters in scenarios recreating the actual situations faced by American fighter pilots, in combat, from the earliest days of jet fighting in Korea through to the big...

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