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Clash of Arms (Manufacturer)

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Himalaya (Backordered) multi-lingual edition
$65.99 The players move through the Himalayas on earthen trails, icy tracks and stone paths. As tribal chiefs they travel from village to village, and collect raw materials or fulfill orders. With them they can secure game-critical influence -- in political...

Gnome Tribes (Backordered)
List: $39.95 $35.95 (10% savings!) In the world of Gnomes there are four tribes who bitterly oppose one another. Each vie for control of The Laboratory; the source of their power and technical innovation. If you are unfamiliar with Gnomes you will be surprised at how greedy, crafty...

Castle Lords (Backordered)
List: $9.95 $8.95 (10% savings!) While Richard the Lion-Hearted is held prisoner, his brother John takes over the crown of England. But John is a poor ruler. He demands more and more taxes and has no respect for feudal practices. The English barons, exasperated, decide to attack...

Brandywine & Germantown (Backordered) non-boxed edition
List: $80.00 $72.00 (10% savings!) Brandywine & Germantown expands the Battles from the Age of Reason Series into the American War of Independence. Both games are in the same box, using a single scenario book, and most of the same counters (many American and British units fought at both...

Snail Race (Backordered)
List: $9.95 $8.95 (10% savings!) The forests are charged with the effervescence of springtime. Fairies flutter all a-buzz... great excitement and expectation accompany the new buds, for this change also heralds the snail race! Banished are the unpleasant smells of gasoline and the...

Infernal Machines (Backordered) a Lanships! expansion
List: $30.00 $27.00 (10% savings!) In the years following the First World War, men looked back upon the grim carnage with a mixture of horror and hope. Horror, of machine warfare where valor and courage meant nothing in the face of industrial warfare. Hope, that these very same machines...

The 6 Days of Glory (Backordered)
List: $36.00 $32.40 (10% savings!) 1814 - Reeling from their disastrous defeat at Leipzig the previous year, Napoleon and his army crossed the Rhine back into France. The Emperor hoped this great river barrier would provide him sufficient time to raise a new army. But, just as the Marie...

The Army of the Heartland: The Army of Tennessee's Campaigns, 1861-63 (Backordered)
List: $60.00 $53.95 (10% savings!) The Army of the Hearland is a strategic-operational simulation of the rebel Army of Tennessee's campaigns during the Civil War. Created by award-winning designer John Prados, and using the same scale and game system as earlier...

PanzerKämpfe (Backordered) Clash of Armor: WWII scenario book
List: $16.00 $9.50 (41% savings!)

Lee Takes Command (Backordered) The Seven Days Campaign June - July 1862
List: $28.00 $24.95 (11% savings!) In June, 1862 Robert E. Lee is chosen to command all Confederate forces defending Richmond against The Army of the Potomac under the command of George "Little Mac" McClellan. In the ensuing campaign, known as the Seven Days Battles, Lee flings his men...

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