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Cwali (Manufacturer)

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Samara: Winter & Summer Tiles Expansion 2

amara: Expansion 2 – Winter & Summer Tiles consists of three tiles, each with a winter and a summer side. Each tile has the same shape as the time track tiles, but is only one, two or three months wide.

Samara: Buildings, Goals & Tokens expansion 1

This first expansion to the game Samara contains the stretch goals of the crowdfunding campaign.


Travel back through history to a settlement called Samara, where you lead a group of builders. At the start of the game, they can build only a sandcastle, cave or huts.

Mayday!Mayday!: 9-10 player expansion

(80% savings!)

Typo 2D

(12% savings!)
In Typo 2D, you try to play your cards next to cards already on table so that you can say words that start with the letter combinations in the rows or columns.

Factory Fever (Preorder) Factory Fever plays in the warehouse of the Factory Fun factory...

Tricky Safari (Preorder) Try to photograph the elephant, lion, tiger, giraffe, zebra, buffalo, monkey, squirrel, crocodile and turtle. Follow the animals to take good photos. But the animals don't stand still, they move too! Can you predict where they will go?

Mayday!Mayday! (Restocking)

In Mayday!Mayday! all players are flight crewmembers aboard flight LK-886, on which the pilot has suddenly died. A heart attack? Poison? Murder?

Tweeeet (Restocking)

It's spring, and robins and bluethroats are migrating to their summer habitat. These two types of birds must reach their breeding ground in good shape by eating berries and bugs to gain energy on route – but flying costs them energy...

Champions 2020 (Restocking)

Champions 2020 has the same main mechanics as StreetSoccer (published in 2002). Both games developed parallel in the past 30 years.

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