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Klaus-Jurgen Wrede (Designer)

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Carcassonne: Dice (Backordered)
List: $17.50 $13.99 (20% savings!) In the Carcassonne dice game, the players cleverly use dice roles try to build closed cities as large as they can - the bigger, the better

Carcassonne: The City (Backordered) second edition
List: $39.95 $31.99 (20% savings!) CARCASSONNE - this time is a cardboard box at a smaller price! The impressive city of Carcassonne was a magnet for tourists from all lands even in the middle ages...

Carcassonne: Castles, Bridges, & Bazaars (Backordered)
$19.99 Traveling peddlers come into the country and organize bazaars, where haggling as art is performed. At the same time, engineers with new bridges drive road construction and small castles are built everywhere to secure the region.

Cardcassonne (Backordered) English language edition
List: $29.95 $23.99 (20% savings!) In Cardcassonne the players place their cards in rows so as to make each card as valuable as possible. A player may choose to protect a sequence of cards with a follower, but when to do so is the problem. That brings excitement to this merry card game.

Albion (Backordered) English language edition
List: $44.95 $35.99 (20% savings!) The Roman Empire is in its heyday: Albion, as England was known before the arrival of the Romans, should be taken, but the game will be determined through the careful selection of and the orderly expansion of settlements, forts and battlements. Do we...

Carcassonne: Wheel of Fortune (Backordered) English language edition of Carcassonne: Das Schicksalsrad
List: $29.95 $23.99 (20% savings!) For years, knights, monks, farmers and builders have been undisturbed in their. But now a mysterious Wheel of Fortune changes the course of events in Carcassonne. The plague sends followers back home, famines must be fought. The players also receive...

Carcassonne: Catapult (Backordered) English language edition of Carcassonne: Das Katapult
List: $17.50 $13.99 (20% savings!) It's fair time in Carcassonne. A‚Äątraveling salesman arrives and brings his newest invention: a wondrous catapult! His demonstrations amaze the crowds and inspire the creative to find many uses for this new contraption. Of course, not every planned...

Carcassonne: Abbey & Mayor (Backordered) English language edition of Carcassonne: Abtei und Bürgermeister
List: $17.50 $13.99 (20% savings!) With this expansion, the players have new possibilities of strengthening their influence in the area around Carcassonne. Now traveling merchants transport their goods to surrounding cities and monasteries. The cities in the surrounding countryside can...

Stonehenge: Nocturne (Backordered)
List: $19.99 $15.95 (20% savings!) The first expansion to the revolutionary Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game is Stonehenge: Nocturne. This expansion continues the tradition of bringing the best board game designers in the world together to work on different games using the same pieces.

New World: A Carcassonne Game (Backordered) English language edition of Carcassonne: Mayflower
List: $29.95 $23.99 (20% savings!) In this Carcassonne game, players begin as the early settlers of the United States did on the east coast of America. As they explore westward, they build towns, farms, roads, and compete to score more points than the others players. As exploration...

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