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Klaus-Jurgen Wrede (Designer)

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Mesopotamia: Expansion Cards (Backordered)
$2.99 Try these cards in your next game of Mesopotamia! The Mesopotamia Expansion cards contain seven cards and four new designs: Piety, Thunderstorms, Epidemic, Reflection.

Anasazi: Lost Pueblos of the Ancients (Backordered)
List: $30.00 $24.00 (20% savings!) In the 1880's, a rancher and trader named Richard Wetherill became the first white man to explore the ruins left behind by the Ancestral Puebloans of the American Southwest. He called these people "Anasazi", the term used by his Navajo friends...

Carcassonne: the Tower (Backordered) English language edition of Carcassonne: Der Turm
List: $17.50 $13.99 (20% savings!) Each Carcassonne expansion adds more unique mechanics to the game, and Carcassonne: the Tower is no exception. Certain tiles now allow players to erect towers that then allow them to "capture" the followers of an opponent.

Dragonriders (Backordered)
List: $49.95 $39.95 (20% savings!) Climb aboard your trusty steed and lift off for the race of your life! The players race their dragons on a course in a deep and winding canyon. You have some magic to use to aid your cause, or hinder your opponents, but the real test is your skill at...

Carcassonne: The Princess & the Dragon (Backordered) English language edition of Carcassonne: Burgfräulein und Drache
List: $17.50 $13.99 (20% savings!) In this expansion for the prize-winning Carcassonne, we move into the realm of fantasy. The land around Carcassonne is being visited by a dragon, making life very difficult for the followers. Brave heroes venture forth to face the danger, but without...

Carcassonne: The City (Backordered) English language edition of Carcassonne: Die Stadt
List: $49.95 $39.99 (20% savings!) The impressive city of Carcassonne was a magnet for tourists from all lands even in the middle ages. Its large markets, grandiose homes, and busy streets made the whole city a popular attraction. Here is your chance to build the city...

Carcassonne: The Castle (Backordered) English language edition of Carcassonne: Die Burg
List: $29.95 $23.99 (20% savings!) The imposing silhouette of Carcassonne sits like a throne in the light of the setting sun. The city also acts as a fortress, protecting those who live there with its impenetrable walls. Visit the city to discover its many features and to learn why...

Carcassonne: Traders & Builders (Backordered) English language edition of Carcassonne: Händler und Baumeister
List: $17.50 $13.99 (20% savings!) In this 2nd expansion to Carcassonne, 24 new landscape tiles not only offer new terrain such as bridges and bent cities, some tiles also contain goods symbols. Players use these to acquire wine, cloth and grain. The best traders can get additional...

Krone & Schwert (Backordered)
$51.95 Europe at the height of the Middle Ages: While cities with enormous cathedrals are developed, overshadowed only by the castles on the surrounding mountains, mighty princes struggle for the title of King. There is uncertainty about the crown, also.

Venedig (Currently Unavailable)
$49.95 Venice was founded by refugees from northern Italy who hid themselves in the swamps and on the numerous islands of the Brenta delta during the invasions of the Huns and the Langobards. The name Venice comes from the tribe known as the Venet. Through...

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