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JKLM Games (Manufacturer)

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LeCardo (Preorder) card game

(17% savings!)
If you like words, you'll love LeCardo! LeCardo is an exciting new game that tests player's skill in adding words together to form compounds.

Ascendancy (Announced) Two millennia ago a loose federation of planets combined to form the Galactic Empire. From that small beginning, the Empire ruthlessly expanded -- enslaving or exiling all races that were a threat to their dominion. Recently, the Empire has suffered...

Athene (Announced)

With the unspeakable events of Troy behind them, the Greek Captains steer their ships for home. But Athene will not let these acts go unanswered and marshals the storm clouds as they have never been marshaled before, and nor will they be again.

Huang Di (Announced) In Huang Di, you play a master builder chosen by the Emperor (Qin Shi Huang) to help construct one of the greatest man-made structures in the world -- The Great Wall of China. Your goal is to become the most distinguished master builder in China with...

1860: Railways in the Isle of Wight (Announced) A variant in the 18xx series of railway economics games, 1860 offers unique twists to the tried-and-tested system. In confronting players with the challenges of managing the companies and running the railways in a small and idyllic environment, it is...

Presidential Election (Announced) In the race to the White House, the players represent Democrat and Republican candidates aiming to sway the electorate and win the American election. Either advancing your policy pieces to pander to the middle ground of public opinion, or passionately...

Media Mogul (Announced) The game of Machiavellian media rivalry, building a multi media empire across the world, attracting the citizens from all corners of the society, and then blasting them with advertising that will provide you with the finance for your next media outlet...

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