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Additional Troubleshooting Information

If you experience this issue multiple times, please try closing your browser entirely and re-opening it. If you are checking out using a user account, please also try logging out of your account and logging back in before you try to check out again.

What is a "browser cookie" and how do I check my cookie settings?

Browser cookies are small files that your web browser uses to allow web sites to know who you are from page-to-page. This is how Funagain is able to keep track of your shopping cart as you add items to it, for example, or to know whether you are logged in or not. While the Funagain site has been designed to operate if you have cookies disabled, if cookies become enabled or disabled (or the cookie file is deleted) part-way through checkout, the Funagain site might lose track of your shopping cart (because it doesn't know who you are anymore).

Checking your cookie settings is specific to the web-browser you are using, but usually you want to go into a "Tools --> Internet Settings" or "Tools --> Options" menu item and look for a "privacy" section. There should be settings related to cookies in that section. For Internet Explorer, any setting at "Medium-High" or lower should work fine. A higher setting will work, too, but you might have to close your browser and re-open it before you start adding items to your shopping cart again.